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  1. S

    Junction  An Eye for an Eye | GA + MAW Junction of Selvaris and Copero

    An Eye for An Eye A Second Great Hyperspace War Story "The flame of war is an insatiable beast." Water sleeps, but enemies never rest. The friction on the Maw-Alliance border saw a slow as both sides licked their wounds following the battles on Jedha and Andrathorpe. But it didn’t take long...
  2. Rebirth

    Dominion  Dire Consequences | BotM Dominion of Copero / Sarvchi

    Path of the Houses, Chiss Space For a time, the Brotherhood of the Maw turned away from the Chiss Ascendancy. After the vicious decapitating strike at Csilla, utterly destroying the Chiss capital, the Mawites made no further inroads into the region east of their core territories. Although...
  3. Adron Malvern

    Approved Tech  Blood of Copero

    OUT OF CHARACTER Intent: To create a powerful new crystal, to be used by the participants of the CIS Invasion of Copero. Image Source: Link Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION Name: Blood of Copero Manufacturer: The Confederacy Affiliation: The Confederacy {Participants of Copero Invasion.}...
  4. Adron Malvern

    Approved Tech  Copero's Wail

    [CENTER] Intent: A wonderful prize for the CIS MVP of Copero. Image Source: Link Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A Manufacturer: [member=Adron Malvern] Affiliation: [member="Scherezade deWinter"] Model: N/A Modularity: No Production: Unique Material: Alchemized Phrik, Herdon Leather...
  5. Aela Talith

    Blades of Black

    Copero Copero had once been one of Titan Industries greatest shipyards. The company had once constructed all sorts of craft there, specifically ships that were now famous for spreading terror within the galaxy. Dark Blades, Wyyrloks, and even Immortals had been constructed there by Titan...
  6. Kurt Meyer

    The Butchery Begins[The Seizing of Copero]

    [member="Tsavong Kraal"] Shipyards were always so filled with chaos. The drive yards over Copero were no different. These massive shipyards were Titan Industries primary builder of The Immortals, the One Sith's most vast and powerful starships. The huge Shipyards stretched out far into the...
  7. J

    Bugs & Ships

    Mierin stood on the observation decks of the Copero Shipyards. Her listless yellow eyes landed on a form before her within the gravity-less drydock. Thousands of brown insectoid spots floating about a huge metal frame, welding sparks and bright flashes sundering out against the contrasting gray...
  8. Tefka

    Manifest Destiny | Dominion of Copero

    Catacombs beneath the Palace of Luminair Minor Capital City of Copero 12 Days After The Dominion of Csilla The Chiss weren't quite ready to just hand over the reigns. Not to the likes of the One Sith. Especially not to their Yuuzhan Vong counterparts. Chiss. Tsavong hated them...
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