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  1. Rara Gowisi

    Approved Starship  Modified Consular Class Cruiser "The Tenacity"

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a unique model of a ship I just made. Image Source: Original Wookie Article Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Engine Permission Primary Source: Consular Class Light Cruiser PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: (Original Design) Corellian Engineering...
  2. Kadan Scipora

    LFG  Jedi Consular Looking for a Padawan

    If anyone is looking for a master for their jedi, Kadan is looking. Kadan is a Consular that studies galactic history, and is a former member of Clan Ordo. Kadan focuses on towing the lie of the jedi order, and trying to find a way to honor his Mandalorian heritage while following the jedi code...
  3. Salazar Niminen

    Approved Starship  C-90 Stealth Dropship

    C-90 Stealth Dropship OUT OF CHARACTER INFO Intent: Special Mission Transport For 19th "Viper" Legion Image Source: Wookieepedia (Edited) Canon Link: Consular-class cruiser Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Consular-class cruiser PRODUCTION INFO Manufacturer: Canyon Defence Ltd...
  4. Nyla Sallaros

    Character  Nyla Sallaros - Vigilant Mystic

    Nyla Sallaros TriviaNAME: Nyla Adali Sallaros FACTION: Jedi Order - The Galactic Alliance RANK: Jedi Master | Jedi Consular MARITAL STATUS: Single SPECIES: Hayi K'paur Hybrid AGE: Within one millennia SEX: Female SEXUALITY: Heterosexual HEIGHT: 175 cm/5 ft 9 in WEIGHT: 63.5 kg/140 lbs EYES...
  5. Zam Ulgo

    Jedi Consular: Zam Ulgo ___________________________________________________________________________________ NAME: Zam Ulgo FACTION: (None Yet) RANK: Jedi Padawan SPECIES: Hapan-Cathar AGE...
  6. Aeron Zambrano

    Visk Clan

    THE VISK CLAN The namesake of the Visk clan, winged natives of Rordak, possess eyes that are so widely spaced that the Visk can see in all directions and have infra-red vision so they may even see in the dark. Those who join the Visk clan strive to do something similar – think creatively, see...
  7. Klenic At'la

    Klenic At'la

    [UNDER DEVELOPMENT] "If beings are capable of protecting others but refuse to take action to preserve their own sense of peace, they are being selfish. They place themselves and their sense of peace over the peace of others, and so they defend a philosophy instead of lives. In this way, they...
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