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cedric grayson

  1. Starlin Rand

    Lovers and Masters, Part 2 (short story)

    “You said you weren’t the best example of a Jedi. What did you mean by that?” They were still in the bar, Starlin nursing his drink and her with her glass of water sitting untouched. “I dunno.” He shrugged. “Nobody’s perfect.” “But we still try our best. You don’t sound all that hopeful.” “I...
  2. Darth Solipsis

    Bounty  I Want Him Alive, No Disintegrations!

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To bring some fun to the bounty board and further the storyline between Darth Solipsis and Cedric Grayson. Compensation: Very High Vast sum of credits taken from pillaged worlds [Negotiable on number] 2 factory items straight from the Brotherhood or it’s...
  3. Cortana Jade

    Character  Cynna Grayson

  4. Cenric Marus

    Upon the Path

    Coruscant [member="Cedric Grayson"] Cenric watched quietly from the small balcony overlooking the large patio that had been built into the back of the Jedi Temple. There were a dozen or so younglings moving through different lightsaber forms with practice sticks. Some of them were doing well...
  5. Derriphan

    You can't Drink to Forget when you know Nothing Nar Shaddaa - Headache Bar Only in the darkest corner of the already dimly lit bar, on a table that was riddled with dirt that probably already had been there a few generations ago, Derriphan felt a sense of security. The almost equally dirty confines...
  6. Riamah

    Vow Reaffirmed

    Having now completed two missions for the Dominion under the rule of [member="Cedric Grayson"], Ra felt the need to speak to him again privately. He had interviewed, if that was the best word for it a few months ago. This was before even the Jedi were established within the Dominion. That...
  7. Ras'kala'han

    Affairs of State

    Thousands of years ago, according to the ancient, storied histories of the Sith as read by Darth Vesper in one of Lorrd's many, many libraries, a Sith Lord named Darth Sidious was elected to the senate of the Galactic Republic. This would set in motion a chain of events that would lead to the...
  8. Kaelan Mars

    Enemies Through Music

    Ession ~ Kaelan had come to Ession in hopes of finding people who would listen to her music. She wore a pretty outfit, as she made her own outfits at times when she didn't have the money to pay for what she needed to preform in. It had a long tail to...
  9. WolfMortum

    Royal Blood

    The Vegabond departed from Ession without a hitch, Veiere taking his time to adjust to the much smaller yet lavishly comfortable freighter, having had it decked out into an emmisery vessel for the likes of diplomats and those of better tastes than his own. She held little in the way of weaponry...
  10. WolfMortum

    The Force, A Legacy Within.

    The Chimaera, Stardestroyer, Imperial II Class. Ever since the battle of Atrisia, everything had changed. Not only had the Jedi of the Galactic Alliance been placed on the opposing side of war for Veiere, blurring the line between what was morally acceptable within the lightside of the force...
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