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  1. K

    Character  Krenin Faas'iri

    NAME: Krenin Faas'iri (Kren-IN Fahs-EERIE) FACTION: Galactic Alliance, NJO RANK: Jedi Knight SPECIES: Bothan AGE: Early thirties SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'2" WEIGHT: 175 EYES: Almond FUR: Various shades of brown FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES Strength: Well-versed Strong Style...
  2. K

    Character  Kuzon Lu'ten

    Name: Kuzon Lu'ten Alias: N/A Occupation: Jedi Padawan Birthworld: Kothlis Current Home: Coruscant Faction: New Jedi Order/Galactic Alliance Force Sensitivity: Yes Force Rank: Intermediate Force Alignment: Light Race: Bothan Age: 18 Sex: Male Height...
  3. Kel Se'Taav

    Character  Kel Se'Taav

    KEL SE'TAAV Theme Spectre Induction Aliases Commander; Senator Class/Role Politician; Military Commander Birthplace Bothawui Residence Parliament Suites, Abregado-rae Aboard the 'Tempest' Age Middle-Aged (mid-40s) Personality Traits Honest Loyal Strategic Rank(s) Senator of...
  4. Edep Kre

    Bothan time.

    Bothan time? Yeah, it Bothan time.
  5. Raona Cadera

    Approved Starship  Bothan Assault Cruiser

    [CENTER] OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an all-rounder cruiser for wide use in various Major Factions, Minor Factions, and planetary governments Image Source: "Halo 2 Anniversary: Spaceships" - By Andrew Averkin Canon Link: Bothan Assault Cruiser Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION...
  6. Babbul Bwua'tu

    Fredod Bwau'tu

    Fredod Bwau'tu NAME: Fredod Bwau'tu FACTION: Galactic Alliance (New Jedi Order) RANK: Knight SPECIES: Bothan AGE: 37 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5' 2" WEIGHT: 149 lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Gray SKIN: Tan FORCE SENSITIVE: True (Jedi)...
  7. Thorald Magnusson

    Rex Cruger

    NAME: Rex Cruger FACTION: N/A RANK: N/A SPECIES: Bothan AGE: 30 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'0" WEIGHT: 205lbs EYES: Black HAIR: Black SKIN: Black FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes Strengths: Experience with Light and Dark side of the force. Form IV user. Superior Sense Of Smell Intelligent Enhanced Sense of Smell...
  8. Aerin Kath

    Approved NPC  Tulsnam, Aerin's ex

    Name: Tulsnam Toh, Tul Loyalties: Aerin (even though he hates to admit it) Role: Ex-boyfriend, Informant Development Threads: if needed Age: 17 Species: Bothan Appearance: Wears a Black T-shirt with a popular band name on it and the equivalent of cargo shorts. His fur is sandy blonde, with...
  9. I

    Iraek Kas'tren

    NAME: Iraek Kas'trem REAL NAME: [member="Strask Ak'lya"] FACTION: None known RANK: Shadow Man of Mos Espa SPECIES: Bothan AGE: 37 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.4. m WEIGHT: 55kg EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown SKIN: Light brown FORCE SENSITIVE: No...
  10. Ak'lya

    Elanna Ak'lya

    NAME: Elanna Ak'lya FACTION: Republic Navy RANK: Captain SPECIES: Bothan AGE: 26 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1.6 m WEIGHT: 80 kg EYES: Green HAIR: Black SKIN: Grey FORCE SENSITIVE: Nay...
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