From the Office of The Chancellor of the Left,
Chosen Representative of the Peoples of the Union.

To my fellow inhabitants of this Galaxy,

Recently under the guidance of both The honorable Chancellor of the Right and Myself, the Zweihander Union has decided upon the undertaking of Colonizing the planet of Ilum. An action which seems to upset the many splinter-groups of Jedi among the stars and rightfully so.

For many years, the planet of Ilum has been the center of wanton harvesting of Kybercrystals, increasing hostilities in regards to the Kybercrystals and other savageries. However, to condemn our efforts before even reaching out to us in order to attain an understanding to our goals for the planet is something unbecoming of even, if not especially the Jedi order and its many related orders and teachings.

It shows only the greed you harbor in your hearts, when you condemn our proud Union prior to any form of discussion or discourse. Thus as representative of the Zweihander Union and its proud people, in my capacity of Chancellor of the Left, I wish to reach out my hand in good faith towards those who have so eagerly condemned us, asking for you to join us in a discourse in regards to the future of Ilum and its preservation.


Chancellor of the Left
Official Representative of the Zweihander Union's People.