My people,
Sons and Daughters of the Zweihander Union,

We have toiled and suffered together through hardships to bring about an age of prosperity and peace to the unknown regions. Alas, our will is being undermined, our strength of unity is being threatened by the dissidents of the former political systems within our territories. Thugs and bandits have taken it upon themselves to undermine the glorious achievements we have been able to get so far. It is for this reason, with a heavy heart I take the burden upon myself as Chancellor of the Left to bring change to the Union, to once again strengthen our Unity and to once again remind those who would deny us peace, that it is not in their capacity to challenge our will.

Together, we will remove this stain, this blot from our territory, we will wash away those who oppose us, those who would not be our comrades and our brethren in this long and ardeous journey we all have undertaken to create a nation where peace is not a dream, but a reality. No more should you need to suffer under the yoke of greed and incompetence, no more would you need to be affraid of those surrounding you, wondering if they follow the same ideals as you and your People.

We will root out those who would deny us our peace, we will stomp down upon those who would deny us our Unity. When we have succeeded in removing this blight, we will be stronger, faster, smarter and above all: we WILL have peace.

Chancellor of the Left,
Duly appointed Respresentative of the Zweihander Union