Kestrin Cassai
"You've got a problem, I've got a price."
  • Name: Kestrin Cassai
  • Aliases: Seline Iver
  • Age: Twenty Seven
  • Species/Race: Near-Human; Epicanthix-Human
  • Homeworld: Lamaredd
  • Faction: TBD
  • Force Sensitive: TBD
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'4" / 162 cm
  • Weight: 120lb / 54kg
  • Eye Color: Light grey
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Color: Fair
  • Determined: Or maybe just stubborn. Kestrin is pretty reliable when it comes to her job, and for the most part, in her personal life as well. She doesn't take jobs (or favors) she knows she can't finish, and considers breaking her word to bean absolute no-no.
  • Socially Intelligent: To put it plainly, she's good with people. Empathetic though she'd rather not be, she thrives in complex (or not-so complex) social situations and tends to get on favorably with most people, even if she doesn't like them.
  • Optimistic: Plan for the worst, expect the best. Generally speaking, this only applies to herself and what she does for a living. When it comes to other people, she's not exactly convinced they're worth the trouble and potential disappointment of investing in.
  • Educated: Kestrin went to school! Her grades were even pretty good. She has a natural aptitude for taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and making them better. Higher education has only refined that talent.
  • Greedy: Kestrin's moral fiber is directly influenced by how many credits are heading her way, and it is very difficult - if not impossible - for her to do the "right" thing when the "wrong" thing has a promising payday attached to it.
  • Troublemaker: Tends to stir the pot, intentionally or otherwise. Will press someone's buttons without realizing it to elicit a reaction, or instigate problems between others because its amusing to her. Doesn't always do it on purpose - some habits are hard to break - and tends to do it pretty subtly in most cases, but still. She's the kind of person who can hone in easily on a particular insecurity and aggrivate it in innocent-looking ways with very little effort.
  • Cynical: Likes to believe that she's wise and all knows the way the galaxy works, but really, she's just a cynic. Tends to think the worst of people and assume malice where there may not be any, and has issues with trusting genuinely sincere people.
  • Face Blind: Just a little. Sorry, what did you say your name was again?

"I'll fight for a cause. I won't die for one."
Overall, Kestrin is pretty average looking. She isn't ugly, but by most standards she isn't a jaw-dropping beauty, either. Just under five and a half feet tall, she's slim and fit with some muscle definition in her back and arms, and overall a somewhat boyish figure. Her hair is black, straight, and kept long, while her eyes are a pale shade of grey that often times looks blue (and maybe a bit eerie) under the right lighting. Despite her criminal lifestyle, she's yet to get herself into the kind of trouble that leaves a lasting mark, and is currently devoid of any tattoos or piercings. Wears a lot of black, dark clothing in layers, stompy boots, and never, ever leaves her ship unarmed.

Kestrin is unapologetically gregarious, but her interest in individuals doesn't last very long. She's the type of person who is more likely to work a room, chat and laugh with everyone, than engage with one person for an extended period of time. As a result, most of her friendships are fairly superficial, lacking emotional depth regardless of how long they've been established. Clever and quick-witted, she's got a good - if blunt - sense of humor, which combined with a playful, flirtatious, and active persona make her easy to get along with - for the most part. People who aren't into sarcasm or like their alone time probably won't have a good time with Kestrin around, due to the fact she's incredibly extroverted. Being around people makes her happy and gives her energy, while spending time alone can make her moody and agitated. She isn't a sensitive person - she'd rather keep things fast and easy than emotional and serious, and tends to deflect any attempts at that sort of thing with, you guessed it, humor.

She enjoys dangerous or high pressure situations, finding them exciting and adventurous, and on some level likes putting her skills to the test as well. Kestrin knows she isn't the best bounty hunter/smuggler out there, but she likes pushing her own boundaries and riding a little too close to the edge. Because she's observant and follows what's logical and factual more than her gut feelings, she usually does okay. She's good to have around in an emergency, and generally the type of person you want at your back when things get dicey.

Of course, she's a bit selfish - what bounty hunter isn't? - but she isn't a heartless monster, even beneath the tough guy facade. While she puts herself first and isn't afraid to cheat, lie, or kill to get her way, she isn't the type of person to blow up a school full of children or sell grandmothers into slavery. She does have her morals, but they're a bit flimsy at best and subject to change.

Born on Lamaredd to a fisherman and his off-worlder wife, Kestrin had a relatively normal, happy childhood. Living in the tropics, far removed from the various conflicts of the galaxy, she

"Heroes go hungry."
  • Ship: WR-542 Shooting Star, "Alba".
  • Primary Weapon: Custom modified bowcaster. [x]
  • Secondary Weapon: Relby K-23 Blaster Pistol.
  • Tertiary Weapon: Generic stun baton.
  • Armor: Armored flight suit. [x]
  • Parents: Tian Cassai, Mari Cassai†.
  • Siblings: None.
  • Extended Family: Noemi Cassai (gm-p), Van Cassai (gf-p).
  • Allies: TBD.
  • Enemies: TBD.