Image Source: skiorh@dA
Intent: Accessible, independent-use light armor for pilots/spacers.
Development Thread: None.
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation.
Model: AFS 3.5 Armored Flight Suit.
Affiliation: Open market.
Modularity: None.
Production: Minor. Mid-range prince point.
Material: Flame-resistant synthetics, ceramic plating, ballistic mesh/nylon body suit. Ceramic/aluminum helmet. Polycarbonate, transparisteel helmet.
Description: The AFS 3.5 is more or less your standard armored flight suit. Designed by the CEC's R&D team for internal use, its purchasable by special order. Like similar products, it consists of a one piece suit with a hermetic seal to protect against hostile environments as well as various symptoms to lessen the effect of g-force on the wearer. With a layer of ceramic plating between multiple levels of ballistic mesh, it boasts added protection against small arms fire (blaster and slugthrower pistols, hold out blasters, bowcasters) and direct physical assault, though it provides little resistance to automatic/carbine blasters, vibroweapons, or large caliber slugthrowers.
Classification: Multipurpose.
Weight: 15kg / 33lb.
Quality: 3-4.
Special Features:
  • Resistant to slugthrowers and small arms.
  • Resistant to edged (non-electric) weapons.
  • Insulated for protection against electric (stun) weapons.
  • Vulnerable against automatic weapon fire, vibro-weapons.
  • Flame retardant. (Up to 1100°C)
  • Built-in life support system. (90min terrestrial, 30min vacuum)
  • Interior illuminated helmet with rebreather.