Image Source: Crytek/EA artists.
Intent: Personal weapon for Kestrin Cassai.
Development Thread: None.
Manufacturer: Custom.
Model: Custom. (Teucer mk. I, colloquially)
Affiliation: Kestrin Cassai.
Modularity: Low. Removable stablizer and laser-guided scope.
Production: Unique.
Material: Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, UHMWPE string.
Description: The modified bowcaster is a fairly straightforward weapon. While its design strays from traditional Wookiee designs - being that it does not resemble a crossbow, obviously - it operates under the same principles and has been updated for a more modern age. The Teucer acts like a present-day compound bow, using a system of cables and pulleys to bend the limbs, while a power pack on the bow's riser generates a magnetic field to accelerate the ammunition as it is released from the string.

  • Resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Durable.
  • Very low recoil/vibration.
  • High accuracy.
  • Silent draw, silent fire.
  • Diverse, reusable ammunition.
  • Lethal and non-lethal applications.
  • Lots of moving parts = lots of potential points of failure.
  • Single action.
  • Not resistant to lightsabers or high-powered blaster fire.
  • Sharp accuracy drop off past 50 meters.
  • Minimal armor penetration vs mid-high+ armored targets.
  • Somewhat cumbersome. Doesn't fold for transport.
Classification: Bowcaster.
Size: Handheld.
Length: 81 cm axle-to-axle / 32 inches.
Weight: 4kg / 9lbs.
Ammunition Type: Fiberglass/aluminium arrows. See: special features.
Ammunition Capacity: Manual reload, one arrow at a time.
Effective Range: 90 meters / 300 feet. 30-50 meters optimum.
Rate of Fire: Single action.
Special Features: The Teucer mk. I uses custom ammunition, and comes in three varieties, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Because every arrow is made by hand, they are somewhat limited in quantity, though basic arrows have the benefit of being reusable, provided that they can be successfully recovered.
  • Basic "spear" arrows feature a carbonfiber shaft and a three blade stainless steel broadhead tip. Effective against flesh and light armor. Will not penetrate medium armor, though the force of the impact would be enough to knock someone off their feet. Diminished effect versus heavily armored targets. Quantity: 10-15.
  • Stun arrows operate identically to other electrical weapons, with the standard broadhead replaced by a lightweight power pak. Non-lethal. Capable of stunning a target or dissipating ray shields. Comprable to the stun setting on a blaster pistol - may not down exceptionally large targets. Quantity: 10-15.
  • Explosive arrows contain a small thermite/iron charge. Explodes on contact, but unreliable at long (35m+) range, as the impact may not be hard enough to trigger the detonator. Breaks on impact, causing splash damage in a 2m radius. Quantity: 3-5.