To Adrian Vandiir
Darth Prospero,
Dark Councillor of Scientific Advancement,
and Lord of Progress.

I can’t even imagine how much it might have surprised you what I said out loud at this moment. I know handsome that we’ve never talked about this since we’ve only been together for several months. But this isn’t about how we feel about each other right now, though I don’t deny that I would have been happy with that end result if it came up because of it. You know how happy I am to spend my time with you, and I know you are with me. However, the situation has changed a “bit”. You already know that, as I walked into the room with my new rank to make peace with the Sith Empire. To fix what the Emperor had messed. You know what kind of person he is, so I have no doubt that he might take revenge on this if he shows up the Force knows when. And I need allies, strong allies.

I thought for a long time about who I had chosen so that the Sith Empire could see that I was serious about the peace treaty. And of course I also get out of the situation in an advantageous position. If I had to decide according to my heart, I wouldn’t have even thought about the answer, but I would have asked you for it all at once. However, I also had to think about the future of the Eternal Empire and House L’lerim. I have reckoned through all the possibilities and to my greatest joy I have always come back to you. You know, I can be rational and biased. Of those I know, you are the only nobleman to have an influential family, however, it is unlikely that you will soon be the head of the family, even if you ever receive that rank.

And I need a person who is a noble and influential person, as well as his family. I can offer you the same, with the difference that my noble house is the most influential and most powerful noble house in the Eternal Empire, and I am its leader. I, we too can support you in your endeavours inside and outside the Sith Empire. We both have great wealth through our companies, which could make it work even more closely together. In addition to these, I can offer a noble title and rank within the Eternal Empire and, as long as I am regent, also the rank of Prince-Consort.

With this, we could both gain more wealth and influence, and our noble houses would be stronger. If you say yes, nothing would change in our relationship other than the economic and political part. I still wouldn’t say who you lay with, who you are with, your life, your decision, we decided in the beginning that it was an open relationship, it would stay that way later. It’s not my goal to change you, if you don’t believe me, just feel free to ask Tubrok. He could be the same as before, if he wanted to, it wouldn’t be any different in your direction. Last but not least, a married man is always more exciting and seductive prey than an independent, even in this you can win.

Nor do I expect you to move here to me to the Eternal Empire, I don’t deny it would be good to see you every day, but I am not insatiable, I rejoice in the time that comes to us. And of course, this way you will continue to get my company for as long as you want. And if we weren’t to be together anymore, well, we live at both ends of the galaxy, from then on, marriage would really be just a formality that came into being, politically, between two noble houses. Although I hope and wish that we will never reach that point and we will always feel as good in each other’s company as we have done and have been doing since we got to know each other.

As you read this, I’m sure I’ve just explained my position to the other important people in the summit, but I want you to know that I’d most like to take you aside to a more private place and kiss you… the sequel you know handsome anyway, we have a lot of practice in it. You know how determined I usually am, it’s a little different, I’ve never asked anyone to be my husband. I didn’t want to write you a very emotional letter either, but I’m trying to gather my thoughts on what isn’t the easiest on this issue. But to describe it is perhaps easier than to say face to face…

You know how I feel about you - even if I’ve never spoken it in words so far - and I know that on some level I’ve stole your heart, even if it’s a lot harder for you to admit, say, or describe than it is to me. You are the third in my personal life, for whom I feel this way, the first of which is no longer alive, Tubrok is the second one. I want to be with you for as long as possible. It has nothing to do with the offer, it’s really just about the interests. I love you Adrian! I realized this at Borosk when I would have given my life for you, I didn’t want to love you, but it happened.

Regardless, now I ask you handsome, to decide on this issue not as a man but as a noble and businessman. Of course, nothing would make you happier if you got the same of both views as I did, but if you didn’t, I wouldn’t object to that either.

And after the peace treaty, if you think, hopefully again, as allies and not enemies, we can spend our time in your bedroom with something pleasant and useful. Just have the patience to wait, handsome, until we can be together again!

With love,
Lady Ingrid L’lerim-Ragal
Empress Regent of the Eternal Empire,
The Emperor’s Hand and the Overlord of the Eternal Empire,
Director of Blackwatch,
Head of House L’lerim, CEO of the HPI Consortium.