So a completely random topic, borne of a discussion between myself and @Siobhan Kerrigan.
If your character suddenly became ruler of a major faction (or is one now), to whom would they best be compared?
For consistency and because I view them as a continuation, I will allow 'Byzantine' Emperors too.
Don't worry about gender too much, as there were only ever 3 Empresses, and probably no one wants to be Irene, just compare character and actions.
A list can be found here for Roman, and here for Byzantine.
If you happen to not be a history nut...just move along. :p
For my characters:
Nantaris - John Tzmikes
Kyrana - Romanus I or possibly Constantine V
Phylis - Marcus Aurelius (?)
Tegaea - Diocletian or Vespasian
Kaelin - Caligula
Hmm, well, idle thoughts aside, anyone got any comparison of their own?