As you may know, I started a survey last week (if you’ve not voted there yet, please do, it doesn’t close!) and I thought I’d give an analysis of the results.
So far (as of time of writing) 96 members have voted, which is an impressive number, especially considering that I suspect there’s a lot more who’ve not done so. That is great and speaks well of the strength of this community.
Now, to the results:

What is your gender?
Male (77 votes [80.21%])
Female (19 votes [19.79%])
An unexpectedly big divide. I had known there was a divide, but I had only expected it to be 60-40 rather than 80-20.
What is your Age?
<16 (1 votes [1.04%])
16-20 (27 votes [28.12%])
21-25 (32 votes [33.33%])
26-30 (20 votes [20.83%])
31-34 (12 votes [12.50%])
>35 (4 votes [4.17%])
Prefer not to say (0 votes [0.00%])
A good mix of ages here. It’s good to see both older and younger members here. It’s also nice to have some company in the older ranges!
What country/region are you from/living in?
West Coast USA (Pacific Time) (12 votes [12.50%])
Central USA (Central/Mountain Time) (18 votes [18.75%])
Eastern USA (Atlantic Time) (37 votes [38.54%])
Canada (3 votes [3.12%])
United Kingdom (7 votes [7.29%])
Other Europe (5 votes [5.21%])
Australia/New Zealand (10 votes [10.42%])
Other (4 votes [4.17%])
Very pleased by the Aussie representation here, and slightly surprised by the lack of UK votes. The rest went pretty much as expected.
When did you join SWRP?
2012/3 (33 votes [34.38%])
2014 (19 votes [19.79%])
2015 (23 votes [23.96%])
2016 (21 votes [21.88%])
Very nice mix here, pulling in new as well as retaining old members.
How many characters do you regularly write (more than one IC per week)
0 (9 votes [9.38%])
1-3 (75 votes [78.12%])
4-6 (9 votes [9.38%])
7-10 (2 votes [2.08%])
11+ (1 votes [1.04%])
Of course the one person who voted 11+ was Cira…. The vast majority handle a more limited and manageable number though.
What is your favourite type of IC thread?
Public (22 votes [22.92%])
Private (40 votes [41.67%])
Faction (10 votes [10.42%])
Invasion (8 votes [8.33%])
Dominion (9 votes [9.38%])
Other (7 votes [7.29%])
For a multiple choice, this didn’t surprise me much.
Which of the following do you create items for?
Blogs (22 votes [12.57%])
Factory (71 votes [40.57%])
Codex (48 votes [27.43%])
Art & Design (16 votes [9.14%])
Other (18 votes [10.29%])
This too wasn’t too surprising. The percentage of factory users among those who voted is nice to see, as was the others.
What would you like to see more of at SWRP?
Staff/member GM setup/run threads (33 votes [20.75%])
Large public threads (31 votes [19.50%])
Invasions (12 votes [7.55%])
Rebellions (14 votes [8.81%])
Board events (43 votes [27.04%])
Other/none of the above (26 votes [16.35%])
This has given me some ideas for some things we can run over the holidays when Invasions are stopped and when people might be on holidays. It’s also given me ideas for what to do in the new year.
Do we have too many, not enough or just enough major factions?
Too many (7 votes [7.29%])
Not enough (27 votes [28.12%])
Good amount (48 votes [50.00%])
Other/no answer (14 votes [14.58%])
A fairly strong endorsement of the current system, and there is plenty of map space cleared for those who wish to expand or make more factions.
Are we all Cira?
Yes (26 votes [27.08%])
No (12 votes [12.50%])
Other (7 votes [7.29%])
Onion (51 votes [53.12%])
Onion. That is all.
This survey has given me a good insight into what a lot of members think and will be one of the things staff uses when determining future policy.