Just like last year with Episode 7 this forum has a strict no spoilers policy unless it has the neat new prefix on the forum.
What this means:
  • No spoilers in any thread without the "Rogue One Spoilers" prefix.
  • No spoilers in any thread or blog title - be vague like "The Ending" rather than give things away in the title.
  • No spoilers in blogs without a (Spoilers) addition to the end of the blog title.
  • No spoilers at all in status updates.
This is all quite simple; we all want to enjoy the movie ourselves without having things spoilt. Don't be a jerk, be considerate for your fellow members and only discuss things inside threads with spoilers clearly marked. Please report any transgressions so they can be dealt with quickly.
This embargo will remain until January 15th 2017 to give everyone a chance to see the movie in peace.
Enjoy, and may the Force be with you!