So, I figured now was a good time to update folks on what's going on in my life. Not that my life is inherently that epic or important, but I figured some folks would be interested to know what's up.
First and foremost, I am employed. It's a crappy, entry level job delivering pizza, but a job is a job is a job. Funny thing is, I'm making more delivering pizza than I did in the EMS field. Go figure, right?
Anyways, so I have a new job. Unemployment initially sided with me and I collected my first week of unemployment pay relatively recently. Turns out that not having a policy on social media and then concocting a flimsy story of firing the employee over crew/patient safety doesn't hold water with unemployment. Thing is, haven't received any word from unemployment for a long while, which was odd. Found out why today.
Sure enough, old boss appealed the decision. After the brief surge of annoyance, I wondered why. When the supposed reasoning was flimsy and no policies existed on it, how could it be ever construed as misconduct? That's when I remembered the important things about my old boss.
He's a bully.
Sure, he was nice enough to work for when I did, but ultimately the biggest thing I remember about how he works is through intimidation. In person, not so effective for him. He's a scrawny older dude somewhat on the shorter side of tall. His methodology is less physical bullying and more... indirect. He plays the official game. Officially, the insurance company says this. Officially, the company holds this policy. Officially, the law says this. Officially officially officially.
Its that kind of stuff he excels at. Pretty things up, make them look official, and stop everything right before it gets rolling and becomes a problem. Thing is... Popo don't play that game.
At this point, looking at a date for an appeal to arrive in the mail sometime soon. No idea when or where, but he appealed it so I must go so I shall.
I don't need the money anymore, the new job pays at least as much as my old job. It's not a crusade for me, I honestly don't care enough to be petty over it. At this point, it's the principle of the matter for me. To me, this is another form of bullying, something that my former coworker and close friend Larraq has been dealing with since he got hurt at work some time ago.
At this point, it's nothing petty for me. It's a chance to show that bullies don't always win and that even the little guy can step up and hold his own when push comes to shove.
Otherwise, things are going well. My job is kinda crappy, but it pays pretty well. I've developed a sort of Love/Hate relationship with it. And, to top it off, if things go well... should have a new computer FINALLY ordered in the next couple of weeks.
Here's hoping lol