Intent: To make a dedicated anti-tank/anti-hardpoint rocket launcher.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Model: TCML-1
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Open Market
Modularity: N/A, but can accept various ammunition types of the appropriate size.
Production: Mass
Material: Alusteel, durasteel, and other weapon construction materials.
Classification: Missile Launcher
Size: Handheld
Length: 1.2m
Weight: 3.5kg
Ammunition Type: Missile
Ammunition Capacity: 1
Effective Range: 600m
Optimum Range: 2,000m
Rate of Fire: Single Fire
Special Features:
  • Capable of taking out vehicles with relative ease to relative difficulty depending on target armor and toughness
  • Capable of taking out dug in positions with relative ease to relative difficulty depending on target armor and toughness
  • Should not be fired inside confined spaces

Designed as a fire and forget anti-tank weapon, the TCML-1 may not have the bells and whistles of the top shelf alternatives, but it makes up for bling with reliability, dependability, and simplicity.
Capable of being loaded and fired by one person, the weapon fires a self propelled rocket or missile designed to engage enemy vehicles or bunkers/dug in positions. Launching a standard warhead accurately up to six hundred meters, the weapon is capable of firing a standard rocket or missile approximately two kilometers away.
The missile launcher itself is exceedingly simple to operate, load, and fire, meaning it can be fired by anyone with enough common sense to follow simple diagrams printed on each launcher tube. The weapon can also be reloaded as a repeat use weapon, but is cheap enough to be used as a 'fire and forget' weapon, used to fire at a target and the tube cast away.
The only downsides of the weapon is that it entirely relies on the missile fired, the user's choice of target, and that it cannot be used in tight, confined spaces or else the backblast from the rocket will cause overpressure damage to unprotected infantry leading to injuries or death.