Cambry rubs at his back, wincing as he does. Verne pipes up.
"Your incessent groaning is-"
"Okay okay, I'm recording. Shush."
He pauses for a second, rubbing at his face now instead.
"...So Lysle is gone. I botched the bounty, but I couldn't have delivered it anyway, I guess..."
The spacer leans back in his chair slowly.
"This whole situation really fell apart. No bounty, no place to go." He looks uneasy. "...Not sure how I feel about working with the Ravens. That last thing...the war situation...that's not something I'm interested in. They seem to just want power now; I just want my paycheck. And with Lysle gone, no chance of that. Blahgh."
Cambry lets out a long sigh, thinking as he pushes his hair back on his head.

"...Guess that's it then."
His decision is accompanied by a small nod, seeming a bit more sure after a moment of thought.
"Yeah. I guess I'm a free agent again. Time to wander the stars and look for some jobs again." He turns a little in his seat, calling off. "Great news; we're unemployed again, Verne!"
Verne practically scoffs. "It's about time, don't you think?"
Cambry, seeming much more relaxed now that his decision is made, grins a little and leans forward, putting his finger near the video controls. "Captain's log, signing off."
The video ends.