*Cambry is looking into the camera, appearing casual and somewhat breathy as he sits back in the pilot's chair.*
"Holovid Log number 1...I'm currently exiting the Corellian system. It's been at least a month now, since I watched the Authority fleet tearing Naboo a new one. Though, to be fair to them, they did fight them off."
*The spacer reaches forward and takes what appears to be a lightsaber off the dash, and begins to fiddle idly with it as he talks.*
"Wonder how. Gungans, maybe? Anyway, refueled there and made my way to Tatooine to make the delivery. Got completely ripped off, only ended up getting half of the 5k. I did a food delivery job near Mandalore a bit after that, and uh...then went to Corellia. Applied for a job, put a resume up, got a few...nice replies. Mostly criminal, of course. Of course."
*He frowns a bit, looking out the viewport, past the camera.*
"I won't lie, going to...that funeral messed me up. Brought back all the thoughts. Makes me miss the old man more than I have been, but...nothing that can be done. I'm wondering if I shouldn't burn his corpse by now. Seems better than leaving a cadaver in one of the crew rooms to rot."
*Cambry clears his throat and looks back to the camera, getting over his discomfort.*
"Hoping one of these job offers will turn out good. I can finally get the creds to make those upgrades, and get Verne a voice coder."
*He gestures to the droid with the lightsaber, and then seems to remember it's in his hand.*
"Ah, and I got this from a stowaway. Somehow I didn't immediately die, that was a...pleasant surprise. Woo. So...yeah, okay."
*With no further ado, he reaches forward, and after a moment of tapping, the recording cuts off.