"So I only just realized that I sort of did a bit of genocide in the name of profit...At least I...pulled it off well, though. And avoided dying. They're just Tuskens anyway."
After a small, non-commital shrug, he continues, turning to rummage through some equipment.
"Hopefully I'll get more jobs, more creds, and be able to fix and upgrade some other stuff around here."
Cambry holds up a small piece of technology from the pile.
"After I finish this vid-log, I'm going to install the voice coder in Verne, we'll see how that goes...He's been kind of ornery since I gave him the personality cortex. Hopefully this doesn't just fry him entirely."
The droid in the corner gives a shrill whistle, apparently indignant. Cambry cringes, and responds:
"It won't, it won't! Calm down! I...sorta know what I'm doing. Just relax!"
He sighs after a moment, and turns back.
"I'm on my way to Ryloth, hooking up with those Raven guys for some more cash. Their lead seems smart, that's kinda refreshing."
Cambry sits back and takes a long breath, before shrugging.
"I guess that's all I've got. Bye...whoever."
He leans forward and, after a moment, switches off the recording.