[ . . . Live Audio Transmission Begins. Speech-to-Text active . . . ] "Hello, and I am Ceri Navala reporting for the Golbah Correspondent. Excitement has overcome Golbah City, capital of Geonosis and former capital of the Confederacy, as the world's local elections draw near. Among candidates for the ever-important position of Viceroy, who will act as the system's representative in the legislative assembly of the Confederacy, Golbah's favorite is the savvy and popular Anton Marat."

"Marat captured the population with a series of speeches delivered mainly to the public, though informants who wish to remain anonymous have reported that he was spoken with private interests as well. Marat is scheduled to speak any moment now in the city's famous Stalgasin Plaza to a large crowd. We have a reporter on the scene. Daryn?"

[ . . . Transition . . . ] "Hello Ceri, and hello Geonosis. I am currently on-scene for the scheduled address that Marat will give. I have to tell you, for someone who was so recently entered the political stage, he quite literally has transformed the attitude of Golbah City. People out here are electrified, Ceri, and you don't need the force to sense their excitement -- [ . . . Background Noise Swells . . . ] -- ah, here he is now!"

[ . . . Transition . . . ] "Thank you, Geonosis!" [ . . . Cheering . . . ]

"My fellow Geonosians: We stand on the precipice of great historical significance for our world. The chance to make a better Geonosis. To recapture what we've lost. Because too long we've accepted the notion that our fate is to be a discarded jewel, a 'former' great, the end note of a bygone era."

"But! We now stand here today to tell the Confederacy, to tell the Galaxy, that we will not sit silently and be consigned to our sorry state!"
[ . . . Cheering . . . ] "This beautiful city was once the capital of the Confederacy and the center of all important things in the galaxy. And I will work to reclaim that status for us. We will not be content to play second-string to any world. Not Naboo. Not Fondor. Not Coruscant, or Bastion, or a hundred of other worlds. The era of a Geonosis-centric Confederacy has not ended, but only begun!"

[ . . . Cheering Continues. Fast-Forward to 0:25.36 . . . ]

"When I accepted this nomination, I promised that I will work to create a better Geonosis. And if elected, I guarantee that my promise will be fulfilled. We will bring back trade, we will bring back corporations, and we will bring back the galactic status of Golbah City and Geonosis."

"Who remembers that period, when forced to choose between the wellbeing of their citizens and their own safety, the federal government chose to leave Geonosis at the mercy of terrorists who were left to run rampant through the sector?"
[ . . . Angered Reaction . . . ] "But a fellow citizen of ours took charge. Took charge of a meager, left-over defense force, and rapidly brought it up to shape, protecting us from the terrorist menace. Nikolai Averin stepped up when those who should've led us abandoned us. And that is why today I am also endorsing Averin for Governor of Geonosis!"

[ . . . Extended Cheering . . . ]

"Together, we will create a better and brighter Geonosis. So I hope to see each and every one of you at the polls, voting for Anton Marat for Viceroy and Nikolai Averin for Governor, for a better Geonosis! Thank you, and good night Golbah!"

[ . . . Cheering Continues. Transition . . . ] "Well, if the mood was electrifying before, Ceri, it's like walking in a thunderstorm now. Marat has been a favorite for election for a while now, and his official endorsement of Nikolai Averin, while it may not exactly be a surprise -- both men were acquaintances before this election season, and Averin was rumored to be a pick for Marat -- it will probably solidify their electoral standing. Back to you, Ceri."

[ . . . Transition . . . ] "Thank you, Daryn. It indeed will be interesting to watch how the elections will play out in this upcoming week. Polling with an average of 81% across all of Golbah's precincts, many commentators are already saying that Marat's campaign is a closed case. Averin is polling at a closer average of 56%, but an official endorsement from Geonosis's most popular candidate in centuries could be expected to boost those numbers. Next up, we have Serr Caldo reporting live in the Grid on the most recent episode in a series of outages that have swept through the sector." [ . . . ]