Name: Touveluch​
Region: Unknown (Wild Space)
System: Zanzibar system
Suns: 1; yellow star
Orbital Position: Habitable zone
Moons: 1 former moon, destroyed early on in the planet's history. All that consists of it is a debris belt.
System Features: 3 other planets, 1 gas giant
Coordinates: G-6 according to this map; located in the middle of the hex that is to the upper right of Ilum's hex and to the upper left of Esfandia's hex.
Rotational Period: 23 hours
Orbital Period: 368 days​
Class: Terrestrial (1.5x larger than Earth)
Diameter: 19,134km
Atmosphere: Type I
Climate: Relatively temperate
Gravity: 0.76x the standard gravitational pull
Primary Terrain (In decreasing order of commonness): Tropical forest; Mountainous; Desert; Arctic Tundra​
Native Species: Tsawa, Oorlog
Immigrated Species: Human (Touveluchians)
Primary Languages: Basic; Orogoli
Government: (Uneasy) Alliance
Population: 4.5 billion
Demonym: Touveluchian
Major Imports: N/A
Major Exports: N/A​
Affiliation: Itself (Neutral)​
Major Locations:
> The
Daily Life:
Technology: Semi-advanced; limited use of blasters. No droids.
History: <Abridged history of the planet>
Notable PCs: <Native or immigrant player-characters>
Intent: A place for Bennie, Maka and Arick to locate their headquarters when they truly become pirates; a haven, of sorts. It will supply a majority of their perishable items and raw materials, as well as give a place for them to lick their wounds in the future (and find crewmates).