[background=[b]Name:[/b] Hamadabba (from a Tsawani word meaning "desert beast")
[background=[b]Designation:[/b] Semi-sentient
[background=[b]Homeworld: [/b]Touveluch
[background=[b]Language:[/b] A series of howls, grunts, and growls
[background=[b]Average height of adults:[/b] 1.9m when standing fully upright; when on all fours they typically stand around 1.5m.
[background=[b]Skin color:[/b] Orange, red, or brown
[background=[b]Hair color: [/b]Translucent
[background=[b]Breathes:[/b] Type I

> Speed: The strong legs and long arms of the Hamadabba allow it to run faster than its prey, often reaching constant speeds of 57mph, though several members of the species have been documented as running as fast as 78mph, though these bursts don't normally last more than 5 or 10 minutes.​
> Pack Mentality: The Hamadabba best exhibit characteristics of sentience in the way they hunt, as they give strong evidence of using strategy to bring down an enemy or prey, and adapting to any obstacles.​
> Excellent Smell: To make up for their lack of eyesight, the creatures have remarkable olfactory organs located within the lining of their cheeks (they don't have a traditional nose). It is so great that they can smell blood from almost 500m away (that's a little less than 1/3rd of a mile). When scenting, a Hamadabba will stand up on its hind legs and open its mouth, quickly inhaling and exhaling and making a sounds that is similar to a "whuff whuff".​

[background=[b]Weaknesses: [/b]

> Exothermic: Like many reptiles, the Hamadabba become sluggish when exposed to particularly chilly temperatures, usually starting at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping from there.​
> Needed Rest: As listed before, the creatures are capable of running as fast as 78mph in short bursts. However, the Hamadabba can only do this about 2 or 3 times before they require rest, which typically includes 1 hour for every 5 minutes running at top speed, and a hearty meal. Otherwise, they will overstress their bodies and cause their two hearts to burst into bloody smithereens (and yes, it is as disgusting-looking as it sounds).​
> Poor Eyesight: Tiny eyes make for terrible eyesight; all shapes are blurry and only objects which are extremely close may be distinguishable to them.​


> Two Hearts: In order to maximize the amount of oxygen and nutrients travelling to their muscles and organs, they are born with two hearts the size of a human's. The hearts are side-by-size in the chest area, attached via blood vessels and tissue and surrounded by two massive lungs. The heart rate speed up when running at high speeds, and if time isn't taken to rest up the hearts will simultaneously burst.​
> Tail: The tail's primary use is for balance when running and standing, but it isn't uncommon for the creatures to occasionally use it for expressing their emotions or defending themselves in combat.​
> Hair: Hamadabba are covered in small, semitransparent hairs which act as a sort of ID for each member. At the bottom of each root are a couple of glands that secrete the creature's particular scent. These are then trapped in the hair and are a way for other Hamadabba to determine who the member is, and what pack they belong to.​
> Jaws: Though their jaws are fairly decent-sized, the Hamadabba have large, sharp upper fangs and small, sharp lower fangs which allow it to bite into and maintain a strong grip on its prey. Similarly, the jaw muscles have enough strength in them to crush an average human's arm. There is, however, a soft spot in the middle of the palate that only has a thin layer of bone and tissue to divide the mouth and the brain. One blow there is enough to incapacitate or even kill the Hamadabba immediately.​
[background=[b]Average Lifespan:[/b] 20 years
[background=[b]Races:[/b] None other than those which reside in the deserts
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[background=[b]Communication:[/b] Vocal (see "Language")
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