Story Ratings:
  1. Imperial Agent – 46
  2. Jedi Knight – 44
  3. Sith Warrior – 42
  4. Jedi Consular – 40
  5. Smuggler – 39
  6. Bounty Hunter – 38
  7. Republic Trooper – 28
  8. Sith Inquisitor – 24
Notes: Aside from giving all but one score divisible by two, there are some interesting conclusions to draw. Honestly, the first six stories were enjoyable to play, with the difference between 3 to 6 being relatively minor. To me the Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent stories stand out from the rest because of their quality and how different they are from each other. The Jedi Knight is the archetypal Star Wars story one has to imagine was the first draft for KOTOR 3. The Imperial Agent on the other hand is very unlike any of the other classes and has tight plotting mixed with the most genuine choices of any class.
It is interesting to note that half of the stories (Smugglers, Hunter, Trooper and Inquisitor) lead with their best chapter, and then never match that again. These (which not coincidentally form the bottom half of my table) would make perfectly fine self-contained stories but mostly have little connection with the later story.
Next, I go into what happens after level 50; Makeb, Revan and the Fallen Empire....