Storyline: 22/30
  • Chapter 1: The Smuggler starts off delivering a cargo of blasters to Ord Mantell, but their ship is hijacked. This forms a nice little mini-story in the prologue as you chase the thief to Coruscant and retrieve it. After this you embark on a treasure hunt for a legendary treasure. This all flows very well as you pick up items you need to find this treasure. You finally claim it and defeat your nemesis Skarvak. Great intro, only downside being the gameplay necessity that this ‘lost treasure’ is only a couple of thousand credits. 9/10
  • Chapter 2: Here the story wanders off course a little as a true smuggler would have little reason to continue getting involved. However, you become a Republic Privateer and embark on several missions. These are fine but again the vast profits you gain can’t be actually replicated in-game. 7/10
  • Chapter 3: Finally you have your showdown with your two antagonists, and also a completely random final betrayal which doesn’t make much sense. Still, the final showdowns are entertaining enough. An average, but not great finale. 6/10
Antagonists: 9/10 This storyline is perhaps the only one which mentions its villains early, often, and keeps you hunting them. Skavak forms a good rival for the treasure hunt. After him is Rogun the Butcher, who is mentioned as far back as Ord Mantell. Finally, the Void Wolf, an Imperial Admiral, is an effective antagonist. The betrayal antagonists as mentioned feel too much like a twist, but are effective enough. The best part of the Smuggler story is this rogue’s gallery.
Companions: 8/10 The Smuggler has surprisingly strong companions. Corso is something of an acquired taste and one will either like or dislike him, the same with Risha. The others are, to a greater or lesser degree, above average.
Total: 39/50 The Smuggler is a strange class which doesn’t really have much place in the war compared with the other 7 classes. Overall the story starts strong but lags somewhat in the 2[sup]nd[/sup] and 3[sup]rd[/sup] acts. It is the funniest of the stories though and has some great lines to deliver. Overall it’s an entertaining story, but hardly the best.