TOR has 8 classes, four mirrored pairs across the two factions. However, each class has its own unique storyline which weaves in with the faction and generic sidequests. Each one has its own unique flavour.
These will be spoiler filled critiques, so don’t read this unless you have played it or don’t mind being spoiled. On the other hand, please keep spoilers referring to other classes out of here.
This will be done with the following template:
Class Name
Storyline: ?/30 broken down into ?/10 for Act 1, 2 and 3.
Antagonists: ?/10
Companions: ?/10 Includes supporting characters.
Total: ?/50
Sith Warrior
Storyline: 26/30
  • Chapter 1: Starting as Darth Baras’ apprentice you shut down compromising parts of his network which are threatened by a special Jedi Padawan. The plan later shifts to drawing out and corrupting said Padawan. Overall, this is a strong opening, and the turning of Jaesa Willsaam is one of the best character moments in the game. 9/10.
  • Chapter 2: This plot is one which plays into all the other classes, as it is the push to restart war with the Republic. Eliminating top Republic leaders is a fun story, as is killing a Dark Council member. A strong middle act. 9/10.
  • Chapter 3: Here the story gets a bit rocky as you are betrayed by Baras and have to gain your revenge. The plans of Baras have become over the top by this point, but your search for allies and freeing the Emperor on Voss is memorable. The betrayal of one of your companions is poor as there is no means to punish them as a Sith would. The final battle was entertaining. A decent conclusion. 8/10.
Antagonists: 8/10
  • With no central antagonist in Chapter 2, and an undefined threat in Chapter 1, the Warrior lacks for strong opposition. Baras is a strong enemy presence however, even if he goes over the top by the end. Baras’ motives for betrayal make little sense however.
Companions: 8/10.
  • The Warrior has some interesting companions and some weaker ones. Overall though each of them except Pierce are distinctive and useful.
Total: 42/50. Overall the Warrior story is very strong, only partly let down by a lack of an antagonist for part of the plot and a twist betrayal for little reason.