TOR has 8 classes, four mirrored pairs across the two factions. However, each class has its own unique storyline which weaves in with the faction and generic sidequests. Each one has its own unique flavour.
These will be spoiler filled critiques, so don’t read this unless you have played it or don’t mind being spoiled. On the other hand, please keep spoilers referring to other classes out of here.
This will be done with the following template:
Class Name
Storyline: ?/30 broken down into ?/10 for Act 1, 2 and 3.
Antagonists: ?/10
Companions: ?/10 Includes supporting characters.
Total: ?/50
And now for something completely different....
Sith Inquisitor
Storyline: 15/30
  • Chapter 1: The Sith Inquisitor starts as a slave and becomes apprenticed to Darth Zash. Zash sends them to recover artefacts from around the galaxy. Unlike with the Warrior, the coming betrayal of Zash is obvious and unsurprising. The switch of bodies is amusing, but overall an above average start. 7/10.
  • Chapter 2: Here the story starts to waver. You become enemies of Darth Thanaton and are easily defeated in cutscenes by him. Your goal is to absorb spirits so you can combat Thanaton, but again are defeated after doing so. Thanaton’s inability to dispose of the Inquisitor beggars belief. Poor middle section. 4/10.
  • Chapter 3: Now the Inquisitor must seek a means of recovering and regaining control of the spirits inside them. This process leads to a war between them and Thanaton culminating with Thanaton’s death. The final battle and the recruitment of military support is good, but otherwise a poor ending. 4/10.
Antagonists: 3/10. Zash, despite being an obvious betrayer, was an effective character. Thanaton at least is an antagonist for 2/3rds of the story, but they are a very poor one. Poorly written, incompetent and with annoying plot armour, Thanaton is not a worthy enemy.
Companions: 6/10. While Khem and Andronikos are good, Ashara is an annoying character. The inability to turn her to the Dark Side or punish her makes her a wasted opportunity for a Sith. The others are merely average.
Total: 24/50. The Inquisitor story was made only bearable by the 12x class speed upgrade. The story feels more like Tomb Raider with ghosts than a traditional Sith story, and the antagonist is very poor. However, the voice actress for female Inquisitor is extremely good and almost makes it worth checking out just for that.