Republic Trooper
Storyline: 18/30
  • Chapter 1: As a new recruit for the legendary Havoc Squad you are sent into action on Ord Mantell. However, you are betrayed and left for dead by the rest of the squad as they defect to the Empire. This chapter is all about hunting down and disposing of your former allies whilst keeping the defection secret. This is by far the strongest part of the trooper story. It has some interesting themes and good light/dark choices with a satisfying, self-contained ending. 9/10
  • Chapter 2: From the best to the worst, Chapter 2 is dull filler. Your mission is to destroy the ‘Gauntlet’, an Imperial superweapon. TOR has a lot of such devices, but the Gauntlet is one of the most uninspired. You spend this chapter gathering your remaining squad to take out this weapon, but the results are bland. Even the conclusion, where one would expect somewhat tactical play just doesn’t pan out. The worst single chapter of any class. 3/10
  • Chapter 3: The finale for the trooper forms a sort of middle ground between the first and second chapters. Whilst the Corellia missions are very entertaining and there is finally some tactical play there, it is balanced by more tedium on Belsavis and Voss. Overall it is only above average. 6/10
Antagonists: 5/10 Tavus and the other Havoc Squad traitors are distinctive and good villains. After they are disposed of though there is no antagonist in chapter 2 and General Rakton is a very bland final villain. Disappointing.
Companions: 5/10 Whilst the Trooper gets a couple of interesting companions; Elara and 4X, the remainder are extremely forgettable. None really stand out as being great compared to the other classes.
Total: 28/50 Although not as annoyingly poor as the Sith Inquisitor, the Trooper’s story is far more dull. Other than an extremely good first chapter, the Trooper’s plot is aimless and lacks good payoff. It seems impossible that the Trooper could be the most boring of the classes, and yet that’s how it turned out. This is the only story I did not complete, and having watched the videos of the remainder, I have no intention of doing so. Even Jennifer Hale as the female trooper is off her game, sounding like a bored Commander Shepard.