Jedi Knight
Storyline: 27/30
  • Chapter 1: Starting as a Jedi Padawan you pass your trials and uncover dark plots leading to a fun chase to uncover the location of a superweapon. These components of the superweapon form your first planet location settings culminating in a dramatic battle with Darth Angral to stop the superweapon being unleashed. Really snappy plot, well-paced. 10/10.
  • Chapter 2: Rather quickly you are enlisted to strike at the Emperor himself and defeat the Sith. After uncovering various components you make your strike but are defeated and turned by the Emperor himself. A good sequence, a bit let down by the defeat via cutscenes. 8/10.
  • Chapter 3: You break free of the Sith control and lead the Republic’s armies to battle across the galaxy. Later you return and defeat the Emperor. Great climax. 9/10
Antagonists: 8/10 Darth Angral and the Sith in Chapter 1 form a good opposition, and later the Emperor’s looming shadow dominates all. However, neither form a constant threat, but more of a background you are racing against. Still, as the big bads, they are very effective.
Companions: 9/10 Kira and T7 are both great characters and very effective. The others each are effective in their own way as well. The most unusual and interesting is Lord Scourge, an actual Sith who joins you to defeat the Emperor.
Total: 44/50 The Jedi Knight story is the most ‘standard’ of the plots, and feels like the original story from any KOTOR3 if it had been made. It delivers a very Star Wars experience of defeating evil and being a Jedi. A great story and companions.