Jedi Consular
Storyline: 24/30
  • Chapter 1: The Consular starts on Tython as a rapidly advanced Padawan. Their main task, starting with the Prologue and moving into the rest of Chapter 1 is to unravelling a mystery where Jedi Masters are going mad due to a plague. The plague is slowly allowing a Sith Lord to gain control over their actions and making them do terrible things. It’s an engaging storyline, but it’s very slow to start with and rather sedate. I liked it better than others have though. 7/10
  • Chapter 2: The Jedi Consular becomes diplomat, and attempts to forge the ‘Rift Alliance together. This involves wooing systems into the cause and identifying a traitor in the ranks. Whilst the three planets enforced by the game plot are not the best for this story, playing diplomat is a nice change. A nice middle act. 8/10
  • Chapter 3: Finally the Consular must gather an army and lead it to battle against the Sith. This culminates in a showdown with the ‘Children of the Emperor’ who are Manchurian Candidates in the Republic and Jedi. It provides a sitting showdown and the only class where you have a sense that you are leading more than a few people at a time. 9/10
Antagonists: 8/10 The Jedi Masters of Chapter 1 form unique and interesting antagonists on their own, each with a twisted way of ‘saving’ the galaxy. The Plaguemaster himself is rather dull, but perfectly serviceable. Later, the Children of the Emperor form a credible threat to overcome and the final betrayer is also good. What is lacking is a single antagonist to face down for most of the story.
Companions: 8/10 The Jedi Consular gets some good and interesting companions. Qyzen is a fun character which actually has some development and change, and is better than Khem Val because of it. Nadia is a lot of fun as you can train her to be your Padawan and mould her. The others are of moderate interest, being quirky in their own way, but not great standouts.
Total: 40/50 The Consular somewhat inverts the trend of many classes by starting out slow and getting progressively better as the game proceeds. Though by no means perfect it was highly entertaining. Playing as a Dark Side Jedi was very interesting. This story is, in many ways, what the Sith Inquisitor should have been, yet failed so completely to achieve.