Imperial Agent
Storyline: 28/30
  • Chapter 1: You start out undercover on Hutta in order to get a powerful Hutt on side. An effective and fun opening. Later you go to Dromund Kaas and get involved with all the Machiavellian inner workings of Imperial intelligence. After a terrorist supposedly kills the Sith in charge, you move around the galaxy shutting them down. Very effectively done and with a great conclusion which has some (though less than I hoped) ramifications for later. 10/10
  • Chapter 2: Here you go undercover with the Republic, but find that they have a means of brainwashing and controlling you. In this way you play a double (or triple) agent. Finding a way of freeing yourself of this control and then bringing down your handlers is excellent. The brainwashing is perhaps a bit contrived, especially since your companions never notice anything, but it’s an effective conceit. 9/10
  • Chapter 3: You discover that there is a sinister illuminati group running the galaxy from behind the scenes. Old enemies are brought back, and Imperial Intelligence is disbanded. You must track down and dismantle this Star Cabal. Overall very effective, and with an ending choice which should (but sadly doesn’t) play into later expansions. Only let down a little by the magical illuminati group. Still, a good conclusion. 9/10
Antagonists: 8/10 The terrorists and the Sith Lords provide characters you actively dislike making them effective enemies. Later working with the Republic as brainwashed is effective. The Star Cabal’s illuminati act is also strong. Hunter forms an effective and slightly odd villain especially with their last revelation. Overall a strong roster of enemies.
Companions: 9/10 The Agent’s companions are a varied and effective group, with some interesting variations of companion. Kaliyo is a lot of fun for those going for a more profit minded bent. Of particular note is SCORPIO an insane AI which wishes to kill you, and Raina Temple who is a ‘by the book’ Imperial officer.
Total: 46/50 Slightly edging out the Jedi Knight, I feel these two stories are very close in effectiveness buy very different in tone. If the Jedi Knight is the archetypical ‘hero’ Star Wars story, the Imperial Agent is a lot more grey and less heroic. Strong female voice acting, a good plot, good antagonists and excellent pacing makes it a classic.