Bounty Hunter
Storyline: 24/30
  • Chapter 1: The Prologue and Chapter 1 are dedicated to the ‘Great Hunt’, a competition where all the best Mandalorians and Bounty Hunters compete. This is the essence of what a Hunter does; track down and capture/eliminate targets. As such, it’s a perfect lead-in for the plot, and acts as its own contained mini-story. The variety of targets and opportunities is also very good. Your opposition in the form of Tarro Blood is sufficiently loathsome to form a useful villain. A very strong first act. 10/10
  • Chapter 2: Like so many of the classes, it’s here that the story struggles. The Bounty Hunter, like the Smuggler, really feels complete after the first act. The ‘Black List’ is at least a good conceit for capturing strong targets. Overall though only above average. 6/10
  • Chapter 3: With the Jedi and Chancellor taking a special interest in you and framing you for crimes, the tides have turned. This leads to a somewhat confused final act where you have to act with a Sith Lord in order to get your revenge. Two of the three planets are very average, but Corellia is entertaining as you are able to either capture or kill the Republic Chancellor! Overall a varied final act. 7/10
Antagonists: 7/10 Tarro Blood forms a sufficiently loathsome villain for the first chapter, but he can be disposed of in a rather anti-climactic manner. After that, the Jedi and the Chancellor form a strong opposition to fight against, but mostly the opposition is rather unfocussed.
Companions: 8/10 The Bounty Hunter gets some very good companions like Mako, Gault and Blizz, but also the very flat Torian and the extremely irritating Skadge. Overall it’s a very varied and interesting team with various quirks.
Total: 38/50 The Bounty Hunter is quite a lot of fun to play (especially as a Light Side alien) but it suffers like so many do that its first chapter is so much better than the rest of the story. A rather aimless second and third chapter stops this being as high as some of the others.