There may be circumstances where you may, in a pinch, be needing to enhance their cognitive abilities for some reason. They might need to dig deep into memory, or they may otherwise need to think harder than usual. Force-users can thus call upon a few powers for that purpose. Perhaps you may or may not be familiar with the concepts of fluid and crystallized intelligence: it seems that cognition-enhancing Force-powers enhance only one between fluid or crystallized intelligence, and all of them are active abilities, meaning that these attributes are enhanced only when actively in use. Short-term memory enhancement (STME) and Long-term memory enhancement (LTME), both of which are padawan-level powers, are more focused with enhancing the ability of their users to retrieve information from memory and are closely linked with crystallized intelligence, whereas Instinctive Astrogation Control as well as Force-comprehension are more concerned with enhancing one's fluid intelligence.
Per Wookiepedia: STME is a Force-power that allowed an individual to "replay" a recent memory in its head, gaining hyperaccuracy, and recalling a particular detail that was previously observed but not consciously remembered. Canon practitioners include both light-siders (Luke Skywalker, Thon, Yoda) and dark-siders (Freedon Nadd, Vestara Khai).
Knight-level (and also Master-level) users of STME can attempt to dig deep enough into their memories, using the same techniques as STME, so that they can replay increasingly older memories, and enter LTME territory. Usually knight-level STME is considered the same as padawan-level LTME, and master-level STME is the same as knight-level LTME, but given the different systems used by Chaos players to characterize skill levels in Force-powers, whereby a common variant of the system distinguishes between "low" and "high" knights, in which case low knight-level STME is the same as padawan-level LTME, high knight-level STME is the same as low knight-level LTME, and so on, so forth.
Instinctive Astrogation Control, thereafter referred to as IAC, is an exotic power, but is mostly a more specific use of Force-comprehension, which is accessible to padawan-level Force-users. By that same token, IAC is also usable by Padawan-level Force-users.
Force-comprehension is pretty straightforward: it enhances one's ability for reasoning, problem-solving as well as their information processing ability.
Now, contrary to popular belief, neither Force-comprehension nor IAC are strictly light-sided powers, even though the best-known canon user of IAC, Hart Daele, is a light-sider, who even wrote an applied math doctoral dissertation on the topic. (Disclaimer: I have two light-sided characters capable of using master-level IAC). It was much more difficult than Instinctive Astrogation because, instead of feeling out a trajectory, they used the Force to enhance their mental abilities in order to calculate the incredibly complex mathematical equations of hyperspace navigation in their heads. it was also renowned to be so difficult that even people using IAC to perform those calculations were prone to deadly mistakes. But what gave IAC such a reputation is due, in part, to the use of topology. Oh and there are four constraints that must be obeyed by any IAC user and can give IC headaches to everyone using it:
  • A minimum distance from celestial objects must be observed
  • A maximum curvature must be respected
  • When hyperspace highways are present, one must use them
  • If the curvature cannot be calculated at a point, one must drop from hyperspace at that point
Given that most Jedi in canon did not possess the mathematical talent/knowledge to proceed to even undergraduate-level topology (or differential geometry; see this thread for more mathematical details - however, please forgive Chaos' inability to properly display mathematical symbols), it is not surprising that those who did try to use IAC in canon mostly used it as a meditation/training activity and hence never make it to knight-level, no more than they would be able to use it for even long-haul flight. IC cursory knowledge of 1-manifold topology is practically necessary to make it to knight-level in IAC regardless of what level of Force-comprehension one may have.
  • Padawan-level practitioners should use it strictly as a meditation/training activity at a steep cost of headaches (and often a significant cost of Force-energy, too): it would not be worth using the calculated trajectory even for long-haul flight
  • Knight-level practitioners should only use it for long-haul flight, again with some headaches, albeit less intense than in padawan-level users. Using it for long-haul flights, that is, the flights requiring multiple jumps, is more acceptable due to the mistakes of the practitioners being easier to fix on a long-haul flight. They should never use it for the last jump in a long-haul jump sequence
  • Master-level practitioners can use it for short-haul flight at only the cost of some headaches and Force-energy
Givin, Columi (among a few other species with the NFU ability to make such complicated calculations by themselves) characters, on the other hand, would be better off with Force-comprehension without specifically using it for IAC.