You find yourself with either a devastated or abandoned planet and you want to rebuild it. Needless to say, regardless of whether you are a light-sider or a dark-sider, you still need the basics covered first, and please take into account the planet's environmental conditions as well as the cost of clearing rubble:
  • Housing
  • Water infrastructure
  • Sanitation infrastructure
  • Food infrastructure
  • Law enforcement
  • Road infrastructure
  • Educational infrastructure
  • Healthcare infrastructure
If necessary, perform any terraforming required so long as it is cost-effective to do so. (In canon, some planets were not colonized because it wasn't cost-effective to do so for the given resources of a planet, or otherwise populated in a very limited extent, like Azure was abandoned) At this point, once these things essential basic services will be provided for. Then you can think about commercial, industrial and cultural development, and the resulting expansion.