[background=The Kathol Bypass is one of the first known Otherlanes to be made public knowledge to realspace spacers.[/size]
[background=[font=Arial]Due to the numerous obstacles lining up the Kathol Rift in normal hyperspace, making normal hyperspace flight very slow, and also the hallucinations of which people flying through it impede with navigation, and made worse for Force-users, Otherspace allows a faster alternative, devoid of any significant obstacles, making it much straighter, if only a highly dangerous one and requiring either a hyperdrive accident or an Otherdrive to exploit. Also the Kathol Bypass is devoid of hallucinations in its Otherspace section. The northern terminus of the Kathol Bypass is in the Elrood system, in Galactic Alliance territory. The Kathol Bypass follows closely the Rimma Trade Route until it reaches Pergitor, crossing through Adarlon and Karideph in the meantime. Then the Kathol Bypass flies in a curved segment passing through Yvara, Demonsgate and Gandle Ott, then continuing on to Kal'shebbol, where its southern terminus is. Of course, the presence of an alien construct between Pergitor and Yvara is not to be taken lightly.[/font]
[background=In Otherspace, rest stops are less common than they are in realspace, but their corresponding realspace locations are roughly over Adarlon, Yvara and Gandle Ott, in the order they are encountered.[/size]
[background=[font=Arial]However, no description of Otherspace routes, known as Otherlanes, is complete without the hazards posed by Otherspace flight: since there is no correspondance between hyperspace mass shadows and Otherspace ones, it is entirely possible one reverts to hyperspace and flies into a planet, a star or another astronomical object, while the Otherspace sky at that place was otherwise clear. Also, with some black holes dotting the stretch of Otherspace, ships may also be sucked inside one. Finally, the Charon are the main threats in Otherspace and to be regarded as pirates, known to have purged entire Otherspace galaxies of sentient life. Ships encountering Charon along the Kathol Bypass are advised to revert to realspace if the Charon can get into position to board, since they will be at risk of getting their hyperdrives captured; likewise, it is recommended for ships planning on using the Kathol Bypass to carry spare hyperdrive parts, or even spare hyperdrives.[/font]