• Nexus Name: Tree of Light, Alexandra's Tree
  • Nexus Alignment: Light
  • Location: Alderaan, Temple of the Grey
  • Affiliation: Alexandra is the one that owns the location
  • Size:
    • Medium - An area that can be renewed/realigned but not destroyed, can be expansive and powerful. (an example is Valley of the Jedi, The Wellspring)
  • Accessibility: The Location is hidden via a shielding device, though its location is not unknown to a large number of individuals. The Nexus itself being centralized within the Temple and kept from wandering eyes.

Description: The Tree of Light, when inert and not being used, appears to be a large tree whose roots reach out and burrow deep into the ground, its branches stretching out wide and with layers of leaves tightly packed on its branches. The sunlight seems to shine of the leaves as well, as if a film covers every bit of the tree and reflects the light. It would seem no different from the trees outside of the temple though, merely larger and with a much grander and fuller appearance.
It is when the Tree is being tapped into by Alexandra that the tree changes in its appearance. Almost like veins, the breaks in the tree's bark light up, creating a spectacle and filling the area around it with enough light to illuminate it even on moonless nights. The Roots below the ground also light up, the ground itself seeming to softly glow as the wind blows through and creates a soft music. From there, strands of light peel off of the tree when in use, reaching out and enveloping its user in a muscle-like network throughout their body, crawling under their skin and providing that same glow.
The tree itself is also more durable than its counterparts, due to the imbuement and creation of the nexus. While in no way invulnerable, and still able to be burned or cut down with the necessary force, one would find the tree to stand like Iron against axes or blades.
[background=[b]NEXUS EFFECTS[/b]
The Nexus provides several effects, but its recipients would receive very different variations of these effects. For any visitors and followers of the light, they would enjoy an increased ease to concentration and the use of the force, but no amplification to their abilities or any significant changes to the strength in their abilities. While they would feel the lightside strongly and it would allow them that access to the light, the Nexus does not strengthen them due to its unique method of creation.
Similarly, dark sided individuals will feel sickened and weakened in the presence of the Nexus, but in no way would their powers be so significantly weakened that they cannot defend themselves. They will find themselves unable to concentrate and find the force more unresponsive but it would still be able to be drawn on without too much difficulty for the masters of the Dark Side.
It is Alexandra who gains the greatest benefits from the tree and its nexus due to the methods of creation and improvement that she has employed through out the two decades she has spent working on the creation. The largest benefit is an amplification effect and a connection to the force she recieves when she is in the presence of the tree and bonds with it. This effect is only active in a one (imperial) mile radius, but even within that radius grows weaker as she goes further from the tree's location. In addition she benefits from the increased focus and concentration afforded by the tree, as well as a boost to her own reserves within the force and her stamina, drawing from the tree itself. Lastly, she can sheer off strands of that light which punches into her, effectively lessening her life span and connect those strands to individuals within her garden. This would stabilize the individual so that healing can be later used to repair damage to them.
  • Temple of the Grey:
    • The Temple of the Grey is the Location at which the Centerpoint of the Nexus and the Tree itself are located at. It has since become a Jedi temple, after its owner found herself joining the Jedi Order of the Republic and becoming its Grandmaster. Although, it retains many of its former features, such as the Garden, the three buildings making up the complex, and a perimeter wall defended by droids and non-force sensitive rangers. Within its walls is the temple turned academy, housing the Jedi who study and live in the location.
  • Seer's Waterfall:
    • The Seer's Waterfall is a waterfall that empties into the river that flows nearby the temple. A rather unremarkable location, it is one that is used for study, mediation, and provides a serene grove for those who wish to connect to the light far more ease. While not a nexus or having any connection to the force, it is the peace and calm of the location that provides this effect.
  • Aldera Forest:
    • The Forest that the temple and the Nexus are located in, roughly a hundred (imperial) miles south of Aldera City. It is a vast and dense forest, almost as if out of a fantasy book in how it beautiful it is. It is with that in mind that the temple had been built in the forest, separated from the world around it.

[background=The nexus has a few primary security measures. The passive of these being the forest itself, the temple that surrounds the center of the nexus, and the shielding that resides to hide both the nexus and the temple from the sight of those who fly above. None of these provide physical protection of the nexus or the tree, but they do help divert attention away from the area and as such provides the smallest of protection from those searching for the tree. [/font]
[background=The more physical and active protection starts at the outskirts of the temple itself where droids of several varieties from simple B2 battledroids to those creations of Alexandra's own, as well as the guards of the temple that are on patrol. These more active defenses provide a first line, dealing with those who are a more conventional threat though not heavy in ability or numbers. They are residents of the temple itself, giving to their need to defend the location and the Jedi that reside within the temple. [/font]
[background=After them is the perimeter wall of the temple, as well as the Jedi and guards on the inside of the complex. These include students, knights, and masters that live in the temple or are there on official business. Due to that fact, those who are there is always changing and no concrete number can be given on who is there at any given time in regards to the Jedi who reside at the temple. [/font]
[background=The last barrier of defense is Alexandra herself, and the garden around the temple. The Jedi Master is more commonly found within the garden than any other place and as such it is not uncommon for her to be there when others make their way to the temple. [/font]
The earliest history of the tree dates to the following years of Alexandra's leaving the sith the first time. This occurred when she was 19, in the year 815ABY, in attempt to strengthen her control over the force and the power of force imbuement. The first attempts at the creation of the tree had become failures, for the most part, grown to be little more than trees with a small increase to their connection to the force. Such trees would come to create a border around the open clearing as she continued her work from where she resided.
It was at this age and at this time that she had intermittent communication with Jedi who further aided in the creation of the first successful tree and the basis for the growth of the Tree of Light that now resided at the center of the Temple Complex. This specific tree would be grown some time later and when the Order of the Grey had taken residence in the location that it now sat at.
It was around 835, that the tree itself had come into creation, planted by Alexandra Feanor and fed energy by Minna, Veino Garn, Krest, and Saran Drast. The five individuals had supplied a great deal of energy, the tree growing to overtake the others in size and it radiated with the force, becoming a force sensitive tree that did little more than mark its existence and that of a balance in the force for those who had created it. It was with the coming years that that balance would disappear as the energies supplied by Minna were removed, and those by Veino Garn and Saran Drast overtaken by Alexandra's own.
Building off the original creation, the order's historian and members would continue to place trees of that making in other locations where the Order placed Enclaves, eventually leaving trees on Yavin IV, Crystalsong, Veradune, and a Praxeum Ship. None of these trees would be improved though, being the basis only for the perfection of a technique that had been developed that would grow force sensitive trees.
The tree on Alderaan in the meantime would find itself fed force energy daily throughout the years, as it continued its existence. At first the force fed to it would be neutral in its state, neither favoring the dark or the light, and mixed with life energy from its creator. Hours spent mediating and strengthening the trees connection over the years, done when members of the order were there to do so.
In the year 839 ABY, the tree would no longer be given multiple suppliers as force energy came exclusively from Alexandra Feanor with the dismantling of the Order of the Grey. During this time period the tree would be granted increasingly light sided energy, overtaking the more neutral standing of its own nature and further growing to a point where its branches seemed to reach over the temple itself and grow outside of its boundaries. Saran Drast and Veino Garn's natures would vanish from the tree all but completely and the only remaining individual's signature remaining would be the faint bit left by Krest.
It was during this time that the Vong forming of the planet had been completed and in accordance with a deal between the One Sith, a woman named Taeli Raaf, and Alexandra herself, a five (imperial) mile radius around the temple and the tree would be untouched. This was officially done as an attempt to preserve research of the wildlife by Aurora Industries but had also kept the work that had been done in regards to the strengthening of the tree unhindered. It was during this period that the Alchemical Basin was destroyed and removed from the Temple's location and allowed for only the light to find its way to the temple.
This removal of dark influences allowed for a vast change in the area and as such is when the Nexus proper began to take form with the tree residing at the Nexus' epicenter, acting as a conduit and physical representation of the lightside. It was this change that brought with it a vast amount of plant growth over the temple in the years following the Order of the Grey and it was during this period that the overgrowth that now resided on the temple began to take place. The Garden proper is the only place which remained tamed and clean, watched over by Alexandra who took the time to focus on the location now that she had no order to teach.
In the last years of the One Sith, and leading up to the battle with Akala in the Netherworld, the Tree would receive increasingly smaller donations of power and energy, its nexus and influence settling while Alexandra devoted her time to the One Sith and to her fiancee Vulpesen. During this time is when the tree would also become foster a force bond with it's creator, with the Netherworld connecting Alexandra more closely to the force after being claimed and cut off for a short time.
The Tree would eventually be given life energy from Alexandra's mother during the Netherworld Crisis, the woman having found her way out of the living hell and imparting her being and connection to the light into the tree before vanishing from the face of the galaxy. This act further created a bond between the tree and Alexandra herself due to the now familiar like connection she had to it.
In the post Netherworld years, leading up to the year 847, Alexandra would be once more on and off working on improving the Nexus that surrounded the tree. Regularly spending hours feeding her life energy and the force into it, creating a more direct connection with the Netherworld Crisis having weakened the force and the separation between life and death for a time. It was during this time that Alexandra herself would find herself in the Netherworld once more and she would find herself torn from her body, being situated into a new one.
Having to rely on the tree now for her connection to the force in the wake of this event, it's first uses as a bridge would come into play. Through the use of the tree, Alexandra would create a direct connection to the force and wipe her physical sight out, blinding herself and letting the force provide her sight. In addition she learned to mimic how the force flowed through the tree itself and created a muscle like film over her own body. During this time she had become devoted to learning how to increase this connection to the force and delved further into expanding the Nexus' influence and power, being left by her fiancee due to this obsession.
For the following two years, Alexandra would be left obsessed in growing and conquering the dark that resided in her and to create a truly lightsided nexus. She spent a great deal of time, passing out from exhaustion and with nothing more to do but improve. Two long years, with many visitors such as Taeli Raaf, Joshua Dragonsflame, Minna, Saran Drast, and others came and went, but Alexandra remained, unable to stop from working on the tree, trying to remove what bit of dark touched her nexus.
It was in the year 851 ABY that this was possible when Krest, Vulpesen, and several others came to the location. Krest would take from the location his own power that had been placed with the tree back when it had been created. In addition, they would wipe out the dark spirit that had followed and haunted Alexandra's spirit and heart, leaving her free from the dark and allowing for the Nexus to firmly secure its place in the lightside.
Following this event, Alexandra joined the Jedi and rebuilt her temple, clearing the overgrowth and allowed for it to become an enclave. Such led to Jedi masters finding the location, and aiding in creating a place where the force could be drawn to with ever greater volume. While no other Jedi would be granted the right to feed the tree, it did allow for such a collection of force sensitives to strengthen the location in a passive manner. Alexandra herself continued to feed it throughout that time, learning more about the light and how to place herself in it more completely. It was during this time that she met individuals such as Oros and Coren Starchaser who helped her to understand the light further and as such pass on that understanding to the strengthening of the nexus and tree.
Finally, it would find use in the recent years against a man named Darth Maliphant, in a more combat focused role. The work having been put to show in a act to sustain and fight against this sith. Shortly following that event, the Mandalor Yasha Cadera would come and be healed of her own wounds and her dark taint soothed by the nexus and the tree's influence, directed by Alexandra Feanor.