{Power filtered.... recording activated.}

Alexandra sat at her desk, visibly shaken as she sat there, her hands at her forehead as she was fighting with something in her head and finally just screamed for a moment as she dug her fingers into her hair and clenched her scalp. After a moment her hands fell to the table and she looked at the recorder, realizing it was on and staring at it. Her body was shaking, her eyes tired and strained, the room around her being one that was highly cluttered and secluded. Her voice came out strained as the words were forced out of her and her hands tapped on the table at a speed unlike it had ever been seen.

"In my studies a few things have happened, the growing of my power, the hate burning in my body, and the deaths running through my mind. There is but one thing though that i have come to understand in that time and that is the eventual fall of all life before its overriding fear. My name is Alexandra Lianne Cinthra, and this is the record of my path to the point at which i made this record for someone too find, and when they do find this i hope it is before Hel can cause too much damage."

She paused and breathed in, closing her mind as she began to recount what it was that would be archived in this first of man recordings, a life time of knowledge and experiences trapped in the young woman flowing from her as she sat there.


-Correlia, 15 years ago-

"Mommy, i don't want to go see it again, cant we just go somewhere else... if you want to see it i can just describe it all for you, you know i'm good at that." The young Alexandra walked with her mom, smiling and looking up at the Echani woman that stood over her and walked, eyes kept forward.

"Alex, i know you can do that but you have to go like it or not, i know you've witnessed these fights so many times but your father is still the warrior he always was. Plus i'm sure he would love to see you after doing something that gets you and I our lives little angel." She looked at her daughter, returning a smile as she did. The woman was of a tall stature, her movements graceful to the point but more importantly fluid as she moved. Her eyes were an icy cold blue that weaved its way into anyone and peeled away at their feelings of security should she ever stare at them. Her body was well formed and she wore a light and free moving, tan dress and cloak that hid her saber underneath.

"But mommy, if daddy wants to fight why here, why not with them soldiers?" She tugged on her mom's cloak as she walked tripping every so often but staying up right. She kept the same Silver eyes, the same Silver hair, it was a Alexandra that had not grown and taken shape yet, though an Alexandra none the less. "Also, you missed the turn mommy..."

The older woman blinked and looked back quick to see that Alexandra was right and turned around with her daughter, pushing against the crowd and into the street that led to their destination before speaking."You are too smart for your own good Alex, and as for your memory i wish i had one half as good as your, lets hurry before we are late." She and her daughter moved down the crowded streets before arriving in a gambling arena that hosted high class customers and gamblers.

The Arena was actually a mix of an arena and casino, though the big money was made off of the place's namesake. At the center was a large stadium sized arena that had prepared and simulated environments for fighters to move about and win best they can. That is where Alexandra's father, Sannes Cinthra stood and fought now with his vibrostaff, step for step in a open field against the Gamorean that was the only competitor left. Each fighter was paid extremely well compared to places like on Geonosis, as well as being free men and women, able to support a family as seen by that of Alexandra, his absent son and his wife.

The girl and wife arrived just in time to see the vibrostaff jammed into the throat of the Gamorean before he turned and landed a heavy hit on the side of the creature's head, sending it to the ground in a heap of fat and skin. Sannes moved away and rose his hands, a grand cheer rising from the crowd as the unconscious brute was pulled off to the side and the Echani left to get his winnings. Once out of view the woman that was Alexandra's mother looked down at her and spoke. "Come on, lets go see your father and get home as a family, im sure that waiting any longer would be a bit of a shame and unneeded."

Alexandra smiled and ran with her mother, both coming into the room and finding Sannes pushed against the wall, a blaster at his chest. "You were ssssupposssse to losssse Echani..." The creature said, a Transdoshan that let the s' roll a bit too much. Sannes only let a smile cross his face as he tilted his head to the side. "Honey, bit of help please, oh and Alex, do close your eyes for daddy, ok?" He smiled and let his wife do as she did, the blade erupting as a saber came from her sleeve and to her hand, removing the Transdoshan's arm while Alex did as she was told and covered her eyes. Sannes then reached up as the creature called out in pain and twisted the gun out of his hands. Soon the blaster was now leveled on the sprawalling form of the lizard that tried to run, both Sannes and Maria, Alexandra's mother, let him go. "You can open your eyes Alex, we are going home."

The parents led Alexandra out and to their home, their eight year old daughter between them as Sannes kept a watchful gaze over his shoulder. "Maria, we need to talk when home... and contact your friend, i think its time that we moved off the planet, don't you?" He looked at his wife, smiling lightly though he looked worried as he glanced again to their backs. Alex had heard move though and instantly looked up. "Were moving? Why are we moving, i like our home..." Maria was the one to speak this time. "Were going to go live at your dad's home finally, Eshan is the name, think you can remember that?" Alex only smiled and nodded as she started repeating the word, never to forget it.

It took a number of minutes, but soon they were home. Upon walking in three things could be noticed, it was a small place that had little past the necessities. Not out of monetary reasons though, just out of personal preference and soon Alex moved to the room that held her seven year old brother, four year old Sister, and other brother of two years.