[background=rgb(0,0,0)]{Power filtered.... recording activated.}

[background=rgb(0,0,0)]Alexandra sat there, eyes nearly golden now as she stared at the recorder, ringed by black circles that indicated very little if no sleep the past few nights. Her voice came out, pained and rough with her hands holding her arms as if she were freezing even though the temperature was warm at the very least. "She speaks louder, her voice clawing at my head and trying to get in, i had gone too far with my research and now i am paying for my in ability to understand what the price would be. Last entry i explained the death of my parents and my separation with my brother, how our father had made many enemies and had protected his children from being taken away from the Jedi or the Sith.... it had caused his death..."

[background=rgb(0,0,0)]She paused and screamed as her hands came up to her head, shouting for some unknown presence to get out of her head as she took a few minutes between pain and fear that was all the more visible in her eyes. Once she was recovered enough to speak once more she looked back at the camera, a pleading look to her features as she started once more. "Today though, i dont know how much of me is left to remember the past, instead i leave this message of what had happened to me, incase this is the last time i can maintain control."


[background=rgb(0,0,0)]The wind whipped through her robes as she had returned to Rhen Var, having disappeared from the order for a short time to see if there was anything more she could learn from the time in seclusion about this place. She had been here once with others, exploring the outpost and finding a number of items that would lead to wealth she would need in the future to fund the temple. Now though she came to understand herself and what it was that she wanted to learn in a place like this, it was little care to her what she did find, just as long as it was something.

[background=rgb(0,0,0)]Her feet came down on the stone as she entered the hollow outpost that resounded it a echoing sound that cascaded across the walls and filling the empty air with the sound of its new arrival. Her hand reached down to grab her saber, igniting it as and using it as a light while she moved through the open area, her eyes running over the walls and roof before carrying her to the stairs where she stopped, feeling a tugging sensation as she stood there.