Alright, joking aside, the stars do have gas. Not literally - well, yes literally - but that's not the gas I'm talking about. When someone refers to the stars having something, it usually is an indirect reference to the galaxy or the universe at large.
In this case, I'm talking nebulae. Yes, they look pretty and, yes, they can be difficult to navigate. The thing is, though, that most consider them useless. They're at best a picturesque backdrop. At worst, they're a hazard for navigators and pilots. But what if, just maybe, they have some use to them. Nebulae are clouds of dust and debris and gases, so maybe there's something in them that can be used. Even if it's just ionized particles, those particles might be useful to something or someone.
Maybe I'm just looking for a new source of profit. Maybe I'm just a board Hutt. Maybe I'm crazy. But maybe, just maybe, I'm on to something, here.
I've taken one of my ships and delved out into the vast regions of space in search of a nebula that I can pick through and analyze. Nebulae are pretty easy to find for the most part, you just have to use the right sensors. Thing is, though, that the ones that are known are mostly overlooked or in space I either can't or don't want to go into. So, we find a new one.
We're on the edge of the galaxy currently, pinging off sensors into the depths of space. This would probably be a better job for a legitimate explorer like... maybe the Merrills or someone, but... If my hunch pays off, Tenloss gets paid. If Tenloss gets paid, I profit. If I profit, that's a brand new, gold plated, Hutt-sized bathtub in my bathroom complete with giant seashells and a corusca gem inlay.
Okay, maybe not the bathtub, but it would definitely pay for itself in the long run and, maybe, give me some new materials to test.
So far, the captain tells me he has a wide array of pings coming back. I have no idea what a 'ping' is, but I'm assuming it's slang for his sensors picking something up. We're narrowing down the strongest signal as it's the easiest to get to. He's figuring maybe another half hour to an hour before we can narrow down the location and then maybe a day's worth of travel in hyperspace to get to it.
There's a dozen 'pings' out there, which is good. This is just the strongest one. He said there were a few that seemed like proper 'pings', but not many, so he figured that they were just sensor ghosts. There was one 'ping' that showed up for a moment, but went away from what he's just told me. They probably are just sensor ghosts, but... yeah, they're probably just sensor ghosts.
Well, I guess we'll start finding out about these nebulae soon enough... Who knows, maybe I could make enough to buy that bathtub. Or just pay for the ventures alone. Either way, I'll be a happy Hutt.