After the elections and rise of Concordia, a new body of government overseeing the Silver sphere, a new capitol was chosen: Commenor. This core world is now the political epicenter of the new Silver Jedi Concord. This lively and rich planet offers opportunities for every wide-eyed and eager individual. There you can find universities, top science programs, the arts, coffee shops, and so much more. The mix between metropolis and wilderness allows a place for many stories, and that is why it will be SJC's new landing ground on the map.

For the Jedi, though, Kashyyyk will remain their home. The dense wilderness and solitude of the jungle planet remains to be the perfect enviroment for temple life and youngling affairs. For those jedi that want a bit of calm in their stories, Commenor's appointment as the political capitol has no affect on them. Silver Rest will remain the Silver Jedi Order's headquarters. Silver Jedi Order and Concordia are two different entities (jedi vs government), with two different places of existence.

But that does not mean the Order will not be inside the capitol as well.

A new jedi temple is under construction in Commenor. Here we will host stories of the more severe variety. Darker topics, hard political moments, and more advance training technics will take place at this temple. The padawans do not take permanent residence here, though large dorm rooms with bunks do exist for the long term excursion. This temple is where newly appointed Knights are sent to start out on their career. A padawan preparing for the approach of their trials could also be seen frequenting this temple as well.

Knights and Masters are permitted to chose their place of residence-- Commenor, or Kashyyyk. It all depends on the things you want to be involved in (and how fast you can fly a ship).

We've opened the door for a lot of stories here. What you do with what we've provided is solely up to you. Your writing influences what we provide next.

So write on. Have fun. Be kind.