The Roche Incident / Ali Hadrix Investigation​
Conducted and written by Jedi Knight, Ella Nova​

Before I begin this report, I wish to make a statement as to who I am, why I am writing this and to clarify my position in the case Ali Hadrix vs. United Clans of Mandalore, as I understand that a level of distrust surrounds the Galactic Republic, and as a Jedi who serves the Republic, I understand that distrust passes onto me also.
My name is Ella Nova and I am a Jedi Knight. I was trained by Jedi Master Sochi Ru on Tython and I passed the Jedi trials to become a Knight a month prior to the Battle of Coruscant. I have served the Galactic Republic since my Knighthood and I will continue serving it until the day that I die. It is the founding principles of the Republic, such as democracy, liberty and truth, that I live to protect and it is precisely these principles as to why I am writing this report.
I want to know the truth. I want to know if Ali Hadrix was responsible

On the 20th January 2016, Captain Rygel Larraq of the United Clans of Mandalore, abbreviated commonly as the Mandalorians, instigated an attack on the Roche Asteroids, in response to Prime Minister Geneviève Lasedri attempts to nationalize all corporate owned assets found within the territories of the Galactic Republic.
The attack on the Roche Asteroids was a direct response to protect the mining contract, signed by former Supreme Chancellor Popo, to allow Mandal Hypernautics rights to mine Phrik in the Roche system. In return for mining rights for Phrik, Mandal Hypernautics would supply the Galactic Republic with Jahaatir-class Electronic Warfare Frigates. Thus, the attempt to nationalize all mining in the Roche system was a clear violation of the agreement made between the Republic and Mandal Hypernautics.
[I'm Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse - The thread where the aforementioned was agreed upon by Popo and Captain Larraq.]