Darth Vectivus, Dark Lord of the Sith, who was a director for Jonex

The first known business to have been influenced by our predecessors was Jonex, a mining corporation situated in the MZX32905 system, near Bimmel. Darth Vectivus was a director of Jonex, overseeing the mining operations conducted in asteroids. In particular, the asteroid known as the Home is believed to have been his home; and it is even rumored that Lumiya also lived there, centuries after Vectivus had died.
I assume that Vectivus went by another name during his time as the Dark Lord of the Sith, so as to hide his true identity and the existence of our Order. In the sparse records that I have managed to gather on Jonex, the only known system that it conducted business was in the star system near Bimmel, which allows me to theorize that the materials mined at the Home and surrounding asteroids were not particularly valued. Thus, the impact that Jonex had on the Galaxy is insignificant compared to the other corporations that will be reviewed in this book.
But is worth noting that Jonex served Vectivus well. In the centuries before the Four Hundred Year Darkness, the name 'Vectivus' was well and truly lost. It is only through the copies recovered from the Island on Muunilinst, collected by Hego Damask, that I am able to write a decent summary of this long lost Sith Lord and the corporation he worked for.
Subjectively, it can be agreed that Jonex was nothing more than a front, so as to hide the true reasons as to why Vectivus ever called the Home his home. Plagueis kept it noted that the asteroid was imbued with dark energy, which I believed Vectivus wished to keep hidden from outsiders. It is worth adding to the theory that the Home must have played a part in some plot or ploy that Vectivus was planning during his time, but whatever this might have been is either unrecorded or ultimately lost over the centuries; and if the plan was executed by Vectivus, then it's impact was minimal.
Jonex, for what it was worth, must have provided Vectivus with comfort and wealth, so as to allow him to carry forward the Rule of Two into the phases that would follow him. Effectively, he achieved a relationship between himself and his business, where he was able to hide away secrets that would undo him if discovered, whilst providing a lifestyle that suited his needs.
In conclusion, Vectivus set the precedent for us to follow. We should use his method and put it into a practice on a larger scale. Jonex was able to hide the machinations of Vectivus; generate wealth for him to use; and ultimately allow him to carry forward the Rule of Two with his Apprentice, Darth Gravid. It is a shame what Gravid ultimately became, who would set back the Grand Plan by centuries, and so Vectivus must be held accountable for Gravid's training and undoing. But to have owned a corporation- however small it might have been- and to have escaped the eye of his enemies is something to take away.
As a note, it is said that Vectivus constructed a holocron prior to his death. Whether or not the information he placed inside it was lost when Gravid succeeded him remains a mystery. It could have been destroyed, given what Vectivus' apprentice would do. But if it were to be discovered, then it would shed more light on this Dark Lord and what he was up too at the Home.