Era of Stagnation
When the Sith'ari, Darth Bane, formed the Rule of Two and begun the Order of the Sith Lords, the Jedi Order declared an era of peace, as they were deceived into the belief that the Sith had been destroyed. I have come to call this time an era of stagnation. Allowed to implement the lies across the Galaxy, the Jedi consequentially weakened both themselves and the civilizations they thought they were protecting from us.
As the Rule of Two slowly grew, events such as the Mandalorian Excision reduced a culture bred for war into a band of mere mercenaries for hire, whilst rivals such as the Sun Guards at Thyrsus became the stuff of myth and legend. Even the Galactic Republic became affected by the lie of peace, wiping away their strength, when they had the power to secure the Galaxy for themselves. Conversely, the Jedi Order was no longer a military. It is then difficult to fathom why these people would throw away the opportunity to secure proper peace, other than the fact that the Republic has always been weak.
The slow growth of the Order of the Sith Lords has a direct correlation to the stagnation that gripped the Galaxy in this time. With the power of the dark side held only in two, securing the future of the Sith took prevalence over our revenge. Development of the Grand Plan was put on the slow burner, as Sith Lords took the time to study their powers. This was a mistake.
Evolution is a constant necessity. If one is unable to evolve and adapt, then they invite weakness in themselves. For the Sith, this is something that cannot be tolerated. This core tenant even dates back to the original Sith species. I do not believe Darth Bane intended for our Order to have grown as slowly as it did. It was not until the Tenebrous-Plaguies apprenticeship, that the seeds to our revenge were planted. Set backs delivered by the likes of Darths Millennial and Gravid were obviously hazardous, but the Sith's inability to adapt to them angers me.
Although some things can be taken from the Sith Lords that followed Bane, the direct correlation between our work and the status of the Galaxy must be respected. The dark side of the Force is a power to achieve many, great things. To sap the life of another with a single thought, or to under the more arcane, ethereal ways of the Force- so far off from the narrow, trapped teachings of the Jedi- suggests that there is room for rapid growth.
It should not have taken a thousand years for the Rule of Two to have come to fruition. Not only was it an era of stagnation for the Galactic Republic, the Jedi Order and the Galaxy itself, but for us as well. The vision that Bane had suggested that our revenge would not take centuries to be done, but instead decades. From the insanity of Gravid to the narrow, selfish acts of Sidious are key to ensure that the modern day Rule of Two does not suffer the same fate as the Banites.
Particularly, following the Four Hundred Year Darkness, the very careful and slow movement of the Sith that followed Bane can be avoided, to give way to an accelerated, well planned imperative that shall end with the destruction of the Jedi Order.
Revenge will be ours, sooner rather than later.