There would be a sound of rustling and then adjustments before the holorecorder would come alive with the image of young Mira Gyndar before it. Her facial expression was one of sadness - her eyes weren't directly locked onto the hololens but she was ready to speak - for the most part.

"It's Primeday..." She said in an attempt to sound cheerful. "I used to love that day of the week out of the five, Mom would always make something special for dinner unless Aton cried and complained about it - ok that isn't true..." She shook her head and looked at the hololens with a weak smile and then down. She appeared to be in a dimly lit room, the walls appeared dirty and the sounds of extremely heavy traffic and noise ensued behind her. "He always loved whatever she made or even when Dad made something - which was rare cause Primeday was the day for Mom to shine through..." She said with a bit more upbeat tone than before, her voice cracking slightly as she stared down at her legs.

She appeared to be picking at something - her nails perhaps? Most likely. She tended to fidget when her feelings were being discussed.

"I guess Aton got into my diary - some of my entries have been deleted or scrambled." Another weak smile as she looked at the holocam.

"Force knows that he is..." She stopped suddenly and without warning, broke down into tears. "I miss him!" She blurted out suddenly, hands coming to her face to conceal the crying. She'd try to stop, taking a deep breath and looking away - apparently out a window. "Mom and Dad are gone, I can't find anyone..." Her bottom lip would quiver and then suddenly she'd start crying again, her head ducking down away from the holocam. All that could be heard would be her sobbing and rustling around.

A few moments later, she'd sit back up and look to the holocam - a sigh escaping her lips. "I almost forgot this was on..." Yet another uncharacteristic weak smile. "So, in the past seventy-two hours I've been taken hostage, found Rowdy - but not my Mom, threatened to be sold off to the highest bidder and essentially - tossed into a Galaxy that is breaking itself apart."

She held up an index finger. "And I didn't lose myself until now..." She laughed softly, the laugh turning into a sort've soft chuckle that mixed with a few shortened breaths of disguised sobs. She was doing her best to prevent from crying again. "All this isn't Jedi like, I know...." She waved the same finger before looking back out the same window. "But right now, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do."

Mira would appear to actually smile as she turned towards the camera and reach up behind the recorder, shutting it off without singing off to her holodiary.

Man - What a teenage moment, no?

*Using the Galactic Standard Calendar for reference.