"A great man once said that we are are like bright planets, we still have our darker sides. That sticks with me as I think back to what brought me here in the first place...." Mira stared at the rusted pieces of the AT-AT, portions scored together with components of starships and land cruisers alike. "When I left Hoth - my mother failed to understand that I had not fallen to the dark side and that my shame came from my failure to control the emotions of my loss."
She blinked softly and continued to stare away at the zig-zagging lines across the roof, it was interesting how one could get lost in thought so easily when there was little else to do but survive and think about their existence. "When the supposed King of Panatha had me in the darkest corners of his dungeons - I was tormented beyond comprehension, yet the light found me and kept me strong." She would muse softly at the notion - it almost sounded cliche as the words exited her mouth causing her to smile oddly. "He took flesh from me, blood and hair and spoke of creating something that would become the Sword Breaker..." Her voice trailing as the final words faded causing the audio-receiver on the holorecorder to increase in order to catch them. The lens would adjust, focusing in on the odd smile on her face and then zooming out to catch her entire form, shifting constantly - almost making the watcher sick.
"My mother never understood, as many others didn't - I left became I was ashamed of my personal failures. I was ashamed that pride got in my way." She paused for a moment to look at the holocam and then back to the ceiling." I should have fled Ilum when I had the chance and ran to those I trusted for help." She sat up off the makeshift couch and stared straight ahead, her hands falling into her lap. "Ibaris, Liam - and the rest of the pack."
She shook her head softly. "I paid for those failures greatly and although the burden isn't something as great as falling to the darkness perhaps it's just as bad I let my pride get the better of me." Mira inhaled deeply and slowly shifted her feet off the couch and stared at the recorder. "Now though, isn't the time for sorrow and even self-pity...that isn't who I am."
"I received a transmission last night - from someone I know within Jaken." Another brief pause. "They said that a girl had arrived in the spaceport, an outsider, of course anyone not from here is an outsider but still, this one was asking questions that were about me..."
Mira shrugged lightly. "What could it mean? I don't know, but whoever she is - I suppose we can go see what she wants." Nothing more was said, just a hand reaching over to kill the feed.