The vision has become more clear over time...

I can see myself staring off into the distance - at the Jedi Temple - on a busy planet similar to Coruscant?
A sense of desperation, anxiety and fear overcoming my heart as I watch and wonder what has become of the man I loved? I still cannot see his face in these visions. Which I have found to be very odd - but I find myself looking back to the teachings of my mother, Aaralyn Gyndar who once learned under Master Yoda. "Always in motion is the future." She once told me that the future can be clouded in emotion and muttered in the chaotic ripples of time.
Could this be why I was never able to understand the purposes of the original vision - that is now slowly expanding itself. It's muttered and tattered with emotion, I can tell this much as I feel so much flowing through my mind. Everything from love to despair. I feel this man, trying to end my life - but I cannot tell why. Is it because we end up on opposite sides of a great war?
How can I understand this more? Meditation has yet to yield answers to my many questions. Perhaps if I consult masters other than my mother - I can get something from this. Are there any great seers? Maybe Jannik Morlandt can elaborate on it more - maybe he can pull more of the vision from the Force to my mind? Is that even possible. I'm only fourteen, and not even a Jedi Knight so I don't have that type of wisdom that others do.
I fear telling Liam Quez about any of these visions, as they might somehow be linked to him and he might grow afraid of them or me and reject me for them. Although, I have sensed something in him - something buried very deep. It was a glimmer in the Force, very faint. Could he have the potential to be a Jedi and just not know it. Maybe I can take a blood sample from him and get it analyzed through the Network and see if it's possible.
Ugh, my worst fear - what if he is the one trying to kill me in my vision? What if he betrays me?
Maybe I'm just being paranoid, yeah...just maybe. I can't let the Pack know - they might think I'm clouded in emotion and question my judgement and abilities.
Maybe, maybe not.