The vision came again - last night.
I think I'm understanding it a bit more as I get closer to Liam - yeah, Liam Quez. The guy I'm always around whenever I'm doing something with the other Pack'ers. He just makes me comfortable and I mean, I know it sounds stupid but the way he laughs or even sings - well it's just great! I can't describe it.
So - the vision - yeah I don't know where I was going with it - oh right.
I actually saw his face this time and I felt the Force from him, stronger than I felt from myself - but there was a deep seeded hatred for me within. It was a sense of betrayal on both ends, from within me and from him. I pleaded with him to come with me and leave everything behind, we still had a chance to save everything we had worked for and it wasn't too late. You see, in previous visions - I could see myself telling him: "You're going down a path I can't follow." I understand this now, the dark side. It has to be, I'm sure of it.
Then, well, then now there is this vision of my desperately touching his face, grabbing at him and pleading with him to just leave everything behind. I presume, it's the Jedi Order - the Jedi Academy - whatever it may be years from now and just go off and be in love and forget the troubles of war....

....but he refuses. He declares that I am his enemy.
That is when I felt the invisible hand of the Force come around my throat - I struggled to remember some technique, anything but the emotion and rawness of the situation causes my mind to blank and then I'm jolted out of the vision or dream...or whatever you want to call it.
Is this a sign of danger?
That maybe I should watch how I tread with him going forward?
I don't know - I do know, I secured a sample of his blood. He is a silly farm boy and I told him on Yavin IV after we were working on the Stealth-X that I wanted to make sure he didn't get a chemical in his bloodstream after he was exposed to some TibX, so I needed to take a sample of his blood. I feel so guilty cause he genuinely let me do it....
He probably knew better - had a feeling of sorts - he's getting better with his reading and writing and I'm sure soon enough he'll be able to figure things out and I'll have so much explaining to do.
I'm not too sure that my mother would approve of my methods - nor my father. I don't think even Master Quorl would approve and I'm sure that his friend Ibaris Varanin-Jacobs would love to hit me in the face for this, but this has to be done.
It has to...