How do I even describe my life?

My name is Caden Evesa. At least I think that's my name. I've spent so much of my life with The Silver Jedi Order under different masters I don't even know who I used to be. I remember being born on Corellia. My parents were simple people, farmers I think. My father died when I was young, I was always told it was due to an infected wound but I oddly doubt that. I've seen the medical halls on Kashyyyk, I don't see how people could die of an infected wound. All I know is that my mum followed soon after, a broken heart they said.

The Silver Jedi found me causing chaos with the Force. At the time I didn't know what the force was, but the last six or so years I've learnt a lot. I've studied under many masters in a lot of classes, I don't know how to manipulate the Force yet but I know it exists and I'm starting slowly to learn how to control it. I'm hoping to continue my learning, The Silver Jedi have a very big library and I am very much a fan of sitting in there and reading. I'm a very large fan of the librarian, she's always very nice to me and even reads with me sometimes. Her books look a lot bigger than those I read, but I assume she's much more advanced than I am.

I'll update more on my first interaction with The Silver Jedi later. I'm not comfortable discussing that yet, I don't know if I ever will be.

I didn't settle here at first, I wanted to go home. I missed my mum, and my dad, and I wanted them to return and take me home. It's taken time but I think I've finally accepted that I'm alone, The Silver Jedi are the only family I have. I still haven't made many friends yet, I feel like an outcast in a lot of ways. I'm advancing pretty fast compared to everyone else and I think many of them are jealous. They avoid me and call me names, but I've learned to just accept it.

At first I couldn't accept it. The words they were saying hurt me, and they threatened me if I ever told anyone. I was scared, but I continued keeping to myself and my training. Luckily I was more advanced than many of them and I moved on in classes faster. I avoided the majority of the bullies. The bullying has mostly stopped now, the names I can handle. I believe, through my studies, it's just children just being children, but it's still not the Jedi way to be upsetting and hurting your peers, those who you could be fighting alongside one day.

I've decided to skip my next class. There was a message, an old Master is putting on a class off world and I want to go. My masters can't scald me at the end of the day, the job of a Jedi is to quest for knowledge and all I'm doing is going to gain more knowledge. I'm excited to see what I learn, something to do with "Force Light". I spoke to my librarian friend (my only friend) and she told me a little about the Force Light power, but told me to go and learn. She encouraged me to become more powerful via learning and I will always appreciate that about her.

I'll keep this journal up to date, but for now you'll remain hidden in my draw. If any of the other kids see this, I'm sure it'll be just another thing for them to target.