By the time you read this, I'll already be gone. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for leading you to Mygeeto, I'm sorry for getting you hurt. I'm sorry that you trusted me and all that came of it was this, you lying in a hospital bed. I've tried to get you to answer me and you won't, you won't even open your eyes Mathieu and it's my fault. All I wanted to do was say goodbye to my best friend and because I messed up I can't even do that.

I hope, in time, you forget me and you forget the pain I caused you.

I never should have made you trust me, because all I did was get you hurt. Okkeus was too strong, I should have known that but instead I decided to try and fight him. Was I an idiot? Who knows, all I know is that if I was in sound mind I wouldn't have even tried to fight him. He was too far gone, I should have just accepted that but I didn't. I thought I could save him. Why did I think I could save him?

I lost my best friend Mathieu, and I got you hurt. I don't deserve to wear the name Jedi, I don't deserve to serve the order anymore. So I'm not going to, I'm going away. I'm going before I hurt you even more, or I get Centin hurt or I get Okkeus hurt. I'm going away so that I don't hurt Kyra or anyone else I call a friend. I have to do this so that no-one else realizes how much of a danger I am.

I've left an apology in your bank account, a few thousand from my families fund should help. My apartment in the temple is yours, treat it well.