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The warpath has been brutal, new faces and icons rise and fall in the conflict of the galaxy. After the clash of Balmorra and Contrumm the forces of the One Sith dealt a crushing blow to the Galactic republic,splitting their territories in half and pushing their forces back to the brink. In the passing of these events one image has stood out as a new face not seen before,raising many questions and answering none... Who is the self proclaimed King of Atrisia? Who is the figure of Lord Mythos?

Quite frankly, we don't know almost anything, the One Sith is great at keeping their higher echelons veiled in as much mysticism and secrecy as possible yet the eccentric and public lifestyle of "Lord Mythos" sheds some light in the truth of his character and his histories and achievements. From what could be gathered it can be assumed he was born in Naboo, due to his valiant defense of the planet even against the allies of his own order and that his training is extensive. Various clips floating around the Holonet display the military prowess of the Sith Lord as well as his combat skills, the recordings and images of Atten II as well as the leaked footage of private training sessions show that "Lord Mythos" is two things, first and foremost a fighter and a warrior, second an eccentric, obsessive public figure...
Unlike other Lords of his order the Atrisian King goes out of his way to make sure the public sees him in this light, secrecy and privacy thrown out the window in exchange for public admiration and the fanatical and sometimes frightening support of the Atrisian people.

"He leads, he does not command"
- Atrisian Officer.
One of the most important things to look at, if not the most important thing is the very essence of what makes this particular figure become so relevant so quickly. Two standard galactic years ago this Sith Lord, if he even was a Sith Lord at the time gathered no more intrigue than a speck of dust in transparisteel, now he is on news outlets and economic manuals due to his command of the wealthy planet, but why?
When confronted with investigation and questions, Atrisian officers and soldiers were not just eager to answer our questions but encouraged by high command, this can only mean that this particular Lord has an affinity for publicity and fame.
"Lord Mythos is a leader, not a commander. There is a running joke within the forces of Atrisia, if Mythos wanted to see the charge of his soldiers, he would need to stop and look back to make sure they were keeping up" The Officer admitted without fear, a smile adorning his face to contrast the collection of scars.
"But how is a Lord of armies, a king none the less, get down in the front lines knee deep in the trenches with his lowest soldiers ?"
The officer chuckled before he answered.
"That is precisely why he is not just a Lord of armies and a king"

What we could gather from records, interviews and the dark recesses of the holonet "Lord Mythos" is not just a military commander, king and inspiration to his troops, but also a loving father?
Sounds contradictory to what a standard Sith Lord is, to what any member of the Sith order is yet with Lord Mythos, we believe we have concrete evidence of this. Back one standard year to the Ball of Muunilist, the Lord was seen bringing with him a peculiar muun known as Galicous Sageious, patriarch of the Sageious clan, a normal companion for a sith lord correct? Well his second guest to the ball was a small girl identified as the princess of Atrisia,Kida Malgus. Is she his biological daughter? Who is the mother? and why does a Sith Lord suddenly look like a normal parent in a dance with the soon to be regent queen of Isis @Thais Kallisto?
Atrisian kings by culture have been and will be soldiers, warriors and swordsmen of considerable prowess, but few if any can say that the Sith lord is not the most powerful ruler Atrisia has had in recent recorded history.. case and point: The Axe.

The normal looking, if unimpressive and crude looking weapon is now in banners from battalions to homesteads in Atrisia, but why? What does a primitive and outdated weapon such as an Axe have that so inspires those who serve the throne? Again, we go to the soldiers to ask and hopefully fill in the blanks that speculation can only cover so much.
"What's the axe? does it have a special meaning? or is it more of a personal favorite weapon of the king? "
"It's both really. The soldiers see the Axe as a symbol of strength and power, yet others have sworn to have seen the axe in combat and attribute mystical and bizarre powers to it. " the soldiers smiled and raised an eyebrow before he finished his statement. "Atrisians are a superstitious bunch"
Superstition is one thing, worship is another thing entirely.... soon we continue our research and study,next week we seek to take on yet another aspect of the Empire: The Wills.