A:"Six elite Anubian teams have been sent, we lost contact upon entering the sector"

M:"What information do we have on the ecosystem of the world?"

A:"It's a oceanic world but other than the isolationist policy in place we know little"

M:"Do we have historical records?"

A:"In the library on Angramar"

M:"Pull it up. All of it"

A:"We have very little... You forget My lord, there was a plague..."

M:"I know. I have a knack for Myths"


Opening Alteria historical data....
Streamlining content....
Feeding Data to Main Consoles...
Commencing Class...

Alteria: Farthest world known in the wild space sectors close to Nibelungen. The data we have collected is not recent, several centuries have passed since our last emissaries were sent there and many more since we have had any alliances or communications with the world at all. Alteria at the time of our data search has three moons and one far sun, it is considered an Oceanic world with only one landmass to speak of being the size of our capital, Angramar.
The politics of the world are much like our neighbors of Ankhypt, being extremist religious ideology and perhaps being the reason why the two worlds shared a mutual alliance before the events of the battle of Yavin, what lead to the erosion of that alliance is entirely up to speculation but most the most likely culprit is the Empress of the black tide and monarch of the world, Eionshakk.
The title she is given is no exaggeration, she leads the armies of the black tide, given that name because of the shade it gives the water when they move under it. The sheer mass of the force she commands darkens the oceans in their march, some attribute it to her power in sorcery.
Mysterious, legendary and more of a myth than fact what we know about the empress is as much as we know about the world, little to nothing but rumors and legends centuries old. According to archaeological research Nibelungen had trade with Alteria for technology and military equipment. Our diplomats were sent there in routine however at some point during or around the twenty fourth year ABY, we lost all contact and lost many lives. We suspect the empress was behind this, should she be alive she would be around nine hundred years of age at a minimum so her death is certain at this time, meaning the monarchy continue her traditions.

Explorers are banned from entering Alterian space, no visitor that has attempted to enter has come back to report. Every emissary has been killed or captured, every adventurer looking to enter has never returned. Any attempt to travel or enter Alterian space is prohibited even military and jedi expeditions.