Day 300...

Dear Ren, it's me again. Sorry for the delay, the bothan i contacted last cycle is either dead or dying somewhere in the tingel arm, pirates roam that part of the galaxy more than even in the outer rim but they never get as much publicity in the holonews because their targets are never allies or priorities to the powers that be in the galaxy... I know my son is ok and i am sure his is an uprising worthy of your teachings and you care... as for me, well...


Its bloody cold here...
It has been a while since my training began, but we are making progress. Hunting is a way of life here as well as a great form to build my body... honey i don't think you will recognize me when i return. The food and the drink, the very strenuous activity almost magically forces me to become bigger than i was, granted i am not as limber as i once was and i feel my agility dwindle but in exchange... I can punch a mane here and actually hurt them half the time! Remember last time i wrote to you? How a single blow was like hitting a stone wall? well, not it's like hitting a wood bark, it bends a little!
I attached a horn with the package, give it to my daughter, tell her papa will be home soon, make her understand that papa needs to become as strong as ever and then we will all be together as a family again... I trust you my love, i know you can do what i ask of you to... your heart is as strong as mine, we will be together again but i need you to be patient... i need you to wait... Train my son, raise him to be a God among men like his father before him.
The axe is in your safe care, keep it hidden, keep it safe, bury it under the blackened tree so its trail will be lost by those who seek it, the dark side of the force will mask it, there are rituals beneath my scrolls that will teach you how to do this... but be careful, magic will attract attention, if you need to move from where we are stationed do it, the boys will be with you and protect you, give Shinko my regards and to keep his legs tucked in the jump, tell Akirio i miss his stupid jokes. Most of all i miss you, i took you for granted i admit... I love you,i shall return to you stronger than i ever was before... it sounds impossible? Well... take a look at this.

no... i did not make it, i took it from my first kill.
Love. Your husband.